Project grants

In 2021, the application period for project grants begins on 1 February and ends on 31 August at 15:45. The city will make decisions on grants every 1–2 months during the application period.

Project grants for cultural activities
Applying for a project grant
Report on the use of the project grant

Project grants should be applied for through the online service.

Project grants for cultural activities

The purpose of project grants is to help organise art projects as well as cultural events that increase the participation of residents and to support cultural well-being projects. Project grants are, in particular, awarded to support projects that reform art and cultural activities in Espoo.

There are three application categories for project grants:

Local culture grants

For whom: The grants are intended for cultural actors, communities, work groups and private persons
For what purpose: To organise cultural events and other art and cultural projects, to organise free cultural events that increase the participation of residents and to support projects that focus on cultural work in a specific area.

Development grants

For whom: The grants are intended for Espoo-based professional art and cultural communities and operators in the creative sectors.
For what purpose: To develop new operating models within an art and cultural organisation or in collaboration between actors in the field. The grant can also be used as project funding when applying for multi-annual EU grants.  

Cultural well-being grants

For whom: For cultural actors, communities, work groups and private persons
For what purpose: To organise communal projects that contribute to the participants’ well-being through methods related to art and culture. Priority is given to projects that employ professional artists. Grants can also be applied for by those wanting to start and test artistic activities. When organising artistic activities, the organiser must take account of accessibility, the everyday lives and different backgrounds of families and the various ways of learning. The projects must take place in Espoo. It is considered an advantage if the applicant aims to establish a permanent operating model in Espoo.

Applying for a project grant

When: Project and development grants are continuously open for application from the beginning of February to the end of August. The application period ends on August 31 at 15:45. If the last day of the application period falls on a Saturday of a Sunday, the application period will end on the weekday following the weekend at 15:45.

The Culture Committee decides on project grants at its meetings between March and September. The Culture Committee’s meeting schedule (in Finnish).

The Culture Committee has delegated the decision-making power to the Cultural Director regarding project and development grants as well as short term art grants of up to 3,000 euros. Office-holder decisions on grants are made on a monthly basis.

How: Project grants should primarily be applied for through the online service from February 1, 2021. If you need an application form, please contact us via email: kulttuuriavustukset[at]

Applications submitted through the online service will not be submitted to the Registry Office.

Other terms and conditions for projects grants

  • The project grant must be used in accordance with the plan and budget presented in the grant application.
  • The Culture Committee may award a grant, for example, for the organisation of a cultural event after the event if the grant application was submitted before the event date.
  • The project grant can be used for activities in accordance with the application in the year it was granted as well as in the following year.

Project grants will not be awarded for

  • Basic education, vocational education or afternoon activities for comprehensive school pupils.
  • As a rule, rents on premises.
  • Party political or religious events.
  • Events discriminative against any group of people.
  • Events organised by parents’ associations, Christmas parties or annual celebrations of communities or associations.
  • Two productions with the same content if applied for by the same applicant during the same application period.
  • As a rule, the same applicant cannot be awarded with the project and development grant for repetitious activities.

The principles of grants awarded by the Culture Committee of the City of Espoo (pdf) can be read in full on the grants page under Attachments.

Report on the use of the project grant

The report is to be submitted using the report form. The report on the use of the grant must be submitted to the Cultural Unit within three months of the end of the project. The report form can be found on the Forms page.

The recipients of the project grants must fill in the report form and provide information on the activities they organised with the grant. They must also enclose a detailed financial report on the use of the grant. Documentation on the use of the grant is not to be appended to the report. However, they should keep these documents in case the city requests them separately for inspection.