Always submit your application using the up-to-date form if the online application service is not available. Applications received outside the application period will not be processed. 

Check out the application periods.  

The forms on this website will be updated before the application periods begin. 

We recommend that you use either Adobe Reader (a free program) or Adobe Acrobat (requires a licence) to fill in the pdf forms. We cannot guarantee that they will work otherwise. We recommend that you save the form on your computer. 

If you have any questions, you can send us an email at kulttuuriavustukset[at] Feel free to give us feedback on how we could improve the service. 


Project grants should primarily be applied for through the online service.The service is also available to associations applying for annual grants. 

If you are unable to apply for a project grant or an association’s annual grant through the online service, you can request a pdf form by email at  kulttuuriavustukset[at] . 

Until further notice, use the pdf forms to apply for other types of cultural grants. 

The grant applications must be submitted by the deadline to the City of Espoo Registry Office at P.O. Box 1, 02070 City of Espoo. You can also send the application form and its attachments to the Registry Office by email:  kirjaamo[at] . 


The reports on the use of the grants are to be submitted on pdf forms. 

The report on the use of the grant should preferably be sent as an email attachment to kulttuuriavustukset[at] 

Communities that are going to apply for an annual grant for 2022 can submit their report for the previous year (2020) together with the annual grant application, in which case they do not have to submit the required appendices twice.