Culture path

The KULPS! culture path involves visiting museums, concerts, the cinema and theatre and creating works of drama, music, art, architecture and much more in workshops.

Starting on 1 August 2017 there are two types of destinations on the culture path

  • The Once a  Year destinations can be selected once during a school year free of charge. The offering includes, for example, performances, movies, concerts and workshops.
  • To Your Heart's Content destinations can be selected free of charge once or several times during a school year without any restrictions. The offering includes, for example, guided exhibition tours, movies and festivals.

In all KULPS! communications, the destinations of the culture path are marked with the corresponding category.

On the Cultural Education website of, anyone can explore the offering of the current KULPS! culture path.

Agreements with the participating cultural actors are always concluded for one school year at a time.

Children at a concert in Espoo Cultural Centre

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