My Culture Call

Culture Call is a cultural education model for early childhood education, but others will also be able to try it out in winter and spring 2021. My Culture Call is a collection of free cultural content for all children, groups of children and families, also safe during the COVID-19 epidemic.  

This page will be updated with up-to-date content.

Comic orienteering in Suvela, Olari, Pisa, Kivenlahti and Soukka

Route of comic themed tasks on video (videos in Finnish and English). Available until end of September 2021.

Suvela Link to the mapComic orienteering map Suvela (pdf, 343 Kt)
Olari Link to the mapComic orienteering map Olari (pdf, 352 Kt)
Pisa Link to the mapComic orienteering map Pisa (pdf, 233 Kt)
Kivenlahti Link to the mapComic orienteering map Kivenlahti (pdf, 181 Kt)
Soukka Link to the mapComic orienteering map Soukka (pdf, 184 Kt)

Comic Orienteering is a six-part route, where each checkpoint contains a comic-themed task. Comic-themed tasks are designed to be suitable especially for small children, but they can also be completed by drawers of all ages. At each checkpoint, the task will appear in the form of a video by reading a QR code. You will need a smartphone to navigate the checkpoints and read the QR codes. You will also need a pen and a notebook to complete the comic-themed tasks behind the QR codes. The tasks can be done on the spot or afterwards at home. 

Comic orienteering is produced by The Finnish Comics Society.

History online

Espoo City Museum KAMU is continuously producing new history content online. KAMU’s History Online page lists all the museum’s digital content and online services. Through the virtual museums and exhibitions you can visit five locations in Espoo, step into the atmospheric old farmstead of Glims and visit an old fisherman’s home on the island of Pentala. 
Mobile guides will help you immerse yourself in the historical content, and KAMU’s YouTube channel will provide you with information and talks connected to the exhibitions, among other things. You can easily access the digital services with your computer or mobile device. 

The content is produced by Espoo City Museum.

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Urban Espoo is a free of charge digital culture center bringing arts experiences to your location. On Kids zone there’s a lot to do and experience especially for children.