Culture Call

Culture Call is the latest children’s cultural service in Espoo, bringing art and culture directly to day-care centres. Culture Call services will start in September 2019. 

Culture Call involves culture professionals visiting day-care centres to give performances and hold workshops. Culture Call contents are provided by 24 art and cultural actors. The contents have been divided into eight regional themes. There are also Culture Calls for educators, during which cultural actors train early childhood education staff in utilising cultural and art techniques with children.

During its first year, Culture Call will cover all 175 municipal day-care centres in Espoo. All of them will be visited by a cultural actor at least once over the course of the school year. Furthermore, at least one training event for educators will be organised at each day-care centre.

The aim of Culture Call is to harmonise and systematise the cooperation between early childhood education and cultural actors as well as increase mutual learning. High-quality art activities and pedagogical activities implement the aims of the early childhood education plan. Culture Call increases children’s participation and equal right to experiencing and making art and culture.

The service has been planned with the Espoo Cultural Unit, Finnish Early Childhood Education Unit, Swedish Educational and Cultural Services and Espoo-based art and culture experts. The service was piloted at 27 day-care centres last autumn. In future, the service is planned to be expanded to cover private and open early childhood education and family day care as well. 


Kaisa Koskela, Service Coordinator/Cultural Unit or tel. +358 40 19 08 254

Jaana Särmälä, Early Education and Care Specialist/Finnish Early Childhood Education or tel. +358 50 59 13 42