Media art workshops

Free-of-charge media art workshops for upper comprehensive school pupils in five different locations around Espoo


Wednesdays, 16 January 2019–24 April 2019 at 2:30–4:00 pm.
No workshops during the winter holiday (20 February).


Entresse Library (Kibe), Siltakatu 11, Espoo Centre
Iso Omena Library (Vox) Iso Omena shopping centre, Suomenlahdentie 1, 3rd floor. Matinkylä
Kalajärvi Library (Reading room), Ruskaniitty 4, Kalajärvi
Ruusutorppa School (Art classroom G304), Leppävaarankatu 24, Leppävaara
Soukka Library, Soukantie 4, Soukka

Come and join us

Would you like to make your own film? Are you interested in photography and animation? Do you have ideas that could be turned into a meme? Come and join our media art workshop for upper comprehensive school pupils!  At the workshops, we will use iPads to learn to take photos and videos, create animations and combine sound and text with them.

No fee. No advance registration – come whenever it suits you. You can take part in the entire course or single workshop sessions, however you like.

Media art workshops are produced by Espoo School of Art.

More information about the workshops , tel. 044 799 7084 – call, text or WhatsApp us.

The media art workshops comprise five periods. Themes for the periods:

1) Time machine workshop: Creating animations of photographs, art and archive images and photos from your phone. Combining sound with images. 12 September–10 October 2018

  • Creating a photograph animation using art and archive images as well as old photos. Combining free sound music and self-made music with the animation.

  • Inviting meme texts for photos.

  • Creating a photograph animation of your own photos and adding your own music using GarageBand.

  • Making videos using archive videos and your own clips. Adding your own music to videos.

2) Studio photos in various roles: glamorous gala portraits, superhero portraits and Halloween portraits making use of props and lighting. 24 October–21 November 2018

  • Taking a fabulous, full-body gala portrait.

  • Taking a black-and-white celebrity face portrait. Learning about facial lighting.

  • Taking a full-body superhero portrait. Capturing motion and colours.

  • Taking a fantasy face portrait using make-up and props in Halloween style.

  • Taking a photo of your choice in your dream role, combining the earlier themes of the period.

3) Create your own world and jump in: Using green screen technology to create a small video in which you appear inside your own drawing or collage. Trying your hand at digital drawing. 16 January–14 February 2019

  • Creating a collage based on an emotion.

  • Drawing a landscape where things happen and there is motion.

  • A surrealistic theme, like a drawing or detail magnified or diminished.

  • Creating a digital drawing on an iPad.

  • Creating a room in scale and drawing a space.

4) Portrait with sound: who are you, who would you like to be or how are you feeling? Answer these questions with a multifaceted photo and sound. 27 February–20 March 2019

  • Using an iPad to take and record a series of portraits with sound.

  • Making use of green screen technology.

  • Learning about loud portraits in visual arts, such as The Scream by Edvard Munch. Creating your own version of these.

5) Do-it-yourself film tricks: In the last sessions we will make film tricks! We will practise on simple movie effects in do-it-yourself spirit. We will shoot short clips and try out different techniques like pixilation, stop trick (substitution splice), perspective cheat and reverse video. Our last session will be a film gala, where we can admire all the films made in the media art workshop in the past year. Bring your own movie snacks of choice! 27 March–24 April 2019

  • Perspective cheat

  • Stop trick (substitution splice)

  • Reverse video

  • Pixilation

  • Our last session will be a film gala

Media art workshops are part of the Government’s key project for improving the availability of arts and culture for children and young people. The Ministry of Education and Culture supports hobby hours. The hobby project is coordinated at Espoo’s Cultural Unit by Coordinator Tiina Pohjanen,, tel. 043 827 0614.