Are you interested in culture?

Culture belongs to everyone. However, not everyone can afford to buy tickets to, for example, the museum, theatre or concerts. Kaikukortti has been developed as a solution to this problem.

What is Kaikukortti?

You can use the Kaikukortti card to get free tickets to, for example, the theatre, festivals or concerts. Kaikukortti is personal and free of charge. Kaikukortti is valid for a year at a time.

Who is eligible for Kaikukortti?

You are eligible for Kaikukortti, if:

  • you are a client of an Espoo social or healthcare actor that is a member of the Kaikukortti network
  • you cannot afford entrance tickets due to financial constraints
  • you are 16 years or older.

Where to get Kaikukortti?

  • Kaikukortti is distributed by all the Espoo social and healthcare actors listed on this webpage. Ask the staff for a Kaikukortti card.
  • You do not have to prove your income to get a Kaikukortti.

Where is Kaikukortti valid?

You can use Kaikukortti to get a ticket for many cultural venues in Espoo, such as museums, theatres, festivals and concerts. Espoo’s Kaikukortti network includes a total of some 30 cultural venues and most of their programme. You can also use Kaikukortti to participate in a majority of the courses offered by Espoo Adult Education Centre and Esbo Arbis.

How to use Kaikukortti to get an entrance ticket or course place?

With Kaikukortti, you can get a ticket through the cultural venue’s own ticket sales channel. Be prepared to show your Kaikukortti and its number when getting the ticket. You cannot use Kaikukortti to get tickets from an online shop. If you get a ticket through Lippupiste or another commercial ticket broker, you have to pay a service charge even though the ticket itself is free of charge. It is possible to get tickets directly from most cultural actors without having to pay a service charge.

If you want to take an Adult Education Centre or Arbis course, enrol for the course as usual in advance and then telephone the Education Centre or Arbis office to give your Kaikukortti number.

There may be a limited number of Kaikukortti tickets and course places available.

Bring your Kaikukortti

Bring your Kaikukortti with you when attending the cultural event or course. The staff may request to see your Kaikukortti.

Tickets for children 

If your family includes children under the age of 16, you can also use your Kaikukortti to get tickets for them when you attend the event together. If you are a grandparent, you can also acquire free tickets for your grandchildren when you attend the event together. The children may also participate in Adult Education Centre or Arbis family courses with you. 

Kaikukortti for communities

The social and healthcare actors that distribute Kaikukortti also have Kaikukortti for communities. An employee can use Kaikukortti for communities to get a free entrance ticket for him/herself when he/she organises a small group visit for one or more clients with Kaikukortti.  In addition, an employee can use Kaikukortti for communities to get free tickets for him/herself and clients who are under the age of 16 and whose families are financially hard-pressed, when he/she organises a small group visit for them. Clients under the age of 16 do not have their own Kaikukorttis, as the age limit for Kaikukortti is 16.

Kaikukortti for communities cannot be used for courses organised by the Espoo Adult Education Centre or Esbo Arbis.

Together to a cultural event

If you are interested in going to an event with a small group or an employee, you should ask if an employee of a community distributing Kaikukortti would like to attend the cultural event with you. 

Kaikukortti nationwide

The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the opportunities of people who are financially hard pressed to enjoy art and culture. Kaikukortti is used at several Finnish localities. You can use your Kaikukortti for cultural events organised at any Kaikukortti locality. Kaikukortti events organised at various localities can be viewed in more detail at kaikukortti.fi.

Kaikukortti card gives entrance to the Finnish National Gallery’s museums

The Finnish National Gallery invites all holders of a Kaikukortti card to visit its museums for free . The museums included are Kiasma, Ateneum and Sinebrychoff Art Museum.

Exhibition centre WeeGee.