Espoo City Library serves you in everyday matters

Espoo City Library has 16 locations in different parts of Espoo as well as two mobile libraries and a book machine in the Espoo hospital.

The libraries are open to everyone and free of charge. You are always welcome to visit them. Libraries are places where you can spend time, read, use a computer and loan material in different languages, from books to magazines, music, films and language courses. They also offer help in everyday life. More information about the materials, services and opening hours is available in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area online service. You can switch the site language to Swedish, English or Russian.

Events in the library

We organise many interesting events in our libraries in Espoo and provide related information on our website. The events are free of charge.

Children in the library

The library belongs to people of all ages and children in particular. Children’s sections are safe and trustworthy places to get familiar with the Finnish culture, find friends and learn the language. Children’s sections contain books and other material in various languages. Maybe in the mother tongue of your own child? It’s always worth asking and coming to the events. Finnish-language storytelling sessions are organised in each library.

Language cafés and discussion groups

Those practicing to speak Finnish have the opportunity to attend language cafés in the libraries. Come join us for a chat in a language café, meet new friends and get familiar with the culture and language. Language cafés are currently organised in Sello Library, Entresse Library and the Iso Omena Service Centre.

Counselling for immigrants

Sello and Iso Omena libraries offer counselling in matters relating to, for example, housing, studying and livelihood as well as job search. More information and schedules are available online

Libraries in Espoo organise Makers Space activities and workshops

The workshop is a place for shared learning, teaching, creation, construction and experimentation. The workshops are intended for people of all ages. You can print in 3D, print images on a fabric, sew or embroider with a sewing machine. Many workshops organise gaming and coding clubs as well as events with various themes. Our knowledgeable staff is always at hand to help you. Come check out the library workshops. Each one is a little bit different.

Russian-language library

Sello Library has a selection of more than 15,000 Russian-language books, and the library serves all customers interested in the Russian language and culture. The staff serves you in Russian as well. Furthermore, there are plenty of Russian-language activities and events for children in Sello Library. The activity of the Russian-language library is specifically funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.