Espoo Day celebrated this year in unique fashion; online events made safe city festival possible

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2020-09-04 16:29

Espoo’s biggest urban festival, the Espoo Day, was celebrated on Friday 28 August and Saturday 29 August under the theme ”Responsibly together”. The festivities bringing the entire city together consisted of more than 100 remote, independent and and local events. During these exceptional times, the celebration of the city festival open to all was seen as important in strengthening the community spirit. The communities in Espoo responded enthusiastically and innovatively to the need for new kinds of events. An estimated 15,000 residents participated in the city festival.

Responsibility emphasised in organising local events

This year’s theme, “Responsibly together,” was evident in the boosted production of remote and independent events. The organisation of local events highlighted the safety of the public and event organisers through guidance and limiting the number of participants.

The urban culture event in Kera gathered together artists to create works built around environmental, street and circus art.

At the end of Friday and Saturday, people got to enjoy small-scale open-air movie screenings. On the opening day, the classic film Casablanca was screened at the Träskända manor park, and on Saturday it was time for the cult film Cry-Baby in an industrial setting in Kera.

Private events delighted those living in Centres for Senior Citizens. Espoo sports clubs actively offered the opportunity to try various sports in a small-scale fashion across the city.

Independent and remote events making safe city festival possible

This year, the celebration of Espoo Day was characterised by remote and independent events. 50 different remote events were organised online, including concerts, theatre and word art performances as well as virtual exhibitions.

The concert by a cappella group Club for Five streamed from Leppävaara church on Friday reached 2,500 listeners. Espoo’s circus and theater school ESKO staged theatre performances digitally.
City routes, created around different themes, encouraged residents to explore Espoo from a new perspective; for example, people could enjoy the history and nature of the Träskända manor park there.