City Gallery – a cultural holiday in Espoo

Discover the lights and sounds of winter in different parts of Espoo!

City Gallery. Discover the lights and sound of winter in different parts of Espoo. 22-28 of February. Espoo Event and Cultural Services.Art spreads to the urban environment during the winter holiday week, when Espoo’s Event and Cultural Services bring light and sound installations around the city. Go out to Tapiola, Leppävaara, Espoon keskus and Järvenperä to enjoy artworks in the last week of February. The artworks will be situated in the immediate surroundings of the WeeGee Exhibition Centre, Espoo Cultural Centre, Sello Hall, Kannusali and Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora.

The light and sound installations will be on display on several days and evenings and can be viewed at your own pace, in a COVID-19 safe manner. Please remember to keep a safe distance from others and wear a face mask also outdoors near the works.

During Espoo schools’ winter holiday week, i.e. 22–28 February. Dates and times vary slightly between locations, so please check the specific times for each location.

The works are located in different parts of Espoo: In the vicinity of the WeeGee Exhibition Centre and Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola, near Sello Hall in Southern Leppävaara, close to Kannusali in Espoon keskus and near Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora in Järvenperä.

1. Espoon keskus
Mon 22 – Sun 28 February, 16:00–22:00

Light installations and projection art can be experienced in four different locations in the Espoon keskus area.

Located within walking distance of each other in the vicinity of Kannusali, the works utilise the existing buildings of the area. The works are at their best in the evening.

Read more about Kannusali’s art experience on the Kannusali website.

2. Tapiola
Mon 22 – Sun 28 February
Espoo Cultural Centre

• Light installation: “Vapaa” (“Free”) (Ainu Palmu)
Location: Between the Cultural Centre and Amfi (visible towards the swimming hall)
Showing: Fri 26 – Sun 28 February

I restrict your freedom (I hope I’ll notice it soon)

Isaiah Berlin inspiringly presented positive and negative freedom in 1958 in his essay Two Concepts of Liberty. In his essay, he defined positive freedom as the freedom to do something. Negative freedom means a situation where a person is free from interference. Charles Taylor adds in 1979: Negative freedom means opportunity and positive freedom means human agency. Oppenheimer and MacCallum wanted to create a politically neutral definition of freedom. Arguments describing freedom can be presented in the following form: X’s freedom from Y to Z. Our own norms define the variables of freedom.
• Light installation: “Nevermind the Pollocks” (Ghost Project)
Location: Fountain next to the Cultural Centre
Showing: Fri 26 – Sun 28 February

Abstract expressionism, random splashes or fractal geometry? Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s works, the paintings live in a dynamic heartbeat under a strobe light, revealing a different view to the viewer at every flash. The harmonious colour system calms the mind in the chaos.
“No chaos, damn it.” ― Jackson Pollock
• Sound installation: “Toivon ett voisit olla vapaa” (“I wish you could be free”) and “Nää ei sulje toisiaan pois” (“These aren’t mutually exclusive”) (Juho Kuusi)
Location: Amfi
Showing: Fri 26 – Sun 28 February

The sound installation “I wish you could be free” sought inspiration from the theme and location of Ainu Palmu’s light installation “Free” and from its location near the skating ice. Its soundscape has been influenced by classical music, 80s synthesizers and urban soundscapes, combined with spoken word poetry on the theme.
• Light installation: Happy-Rombi! (Jarkko Lievonen)
Location: The cube at the Cultural Centre
Showing: Mon 22 – Sun 28 February

Happy-Rombi! is a colourful feel-good light installation! It plays with its constantly changing colour patterns and geometric relationship to architecture. The installation opens from the corner in two different directions in a diamond shape, so that you can enjoy the colourful array best from the direction of the centre of the corner, i.e. from the skating ice!
• Puppet exhibition – Hevosenkenkä Theatre’s puppets greet winter holidaymakers
Showing: Mon 22 – Sun 28 February

The puppets of the Hevosenkenkä Theatre greet winter holidaymakers enjoying the outdoors from the windows of Espoo Cultural Centre. The puppet exhibition presents various theatre puppets from the 45-year history of the Hevosenkenkä Theatre. Included are puppets designed by Sara Siren, which were seen on stage in the theatre’s early years, and newer puppets by Fanni Lieto featured in current plays.

Read more on the art experiences offered by Espoo Cultural Centre on the centre’s website.

Tue 23 – Sat 27 February
WeeGee Exhibition Centre
Cafe Zoceria WeeGee & Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä’s winter playground
Open: Tue 23 – Sat 27 February at 11:00–16:00

You can play in the snow in WeeGee’s park during the winter break. Mini skis, kelkkis toys, ski jumper toys and snow shovels are available in the courtyard. You can build a snowman, a track for kelkkis toys or a jump for ski jumper toys! You can also take part in fun toy orienteering, and after completing the orienteering you can visit Cafe Zoceria WeeGee for a small prize. Cafe Zoceria WeeGee serves daily lunch and quality coffee, tea and confectionery.
EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art: Virtual art break

Spend an artistic winter holiday week with Espoo Museum of Modern Art virtually and remotely. Every day from 13:00 to 14:30, there are various activities where you can make art. You need to sign up for each day’s activities separately, and you will receive a participation link and more detailed technical instructions on how to use the Zoom platform in the confirmation email. You do not need to download Zoom to your own computer; you can join through the browser.

See the daily programme and sign up for free on EMMA’s website.

3. Leppävaara
Mon 22 – Sun 28 February
Sello Hall: TALVI IVLAT brings sound, light and colour to the Sello Hall courtyard

Soittoniekanaukio Square in front of Sello Hall, and its large windows, are coming to life. The installation TALVI IVLAT (“WINTER RETNIW”) fills the square and injects colour, movement and sound to grey February evenings. Sello Hall and its partners Sello Library and Juvenalia Music Institute implement a multi-layered project in the square. The installation of light art, sound art and moving figures consists of several parts, including the windows of Sello Hall’s public foyer, the library and Juvenalia, where the viewer’s imagination is fed by large fabric screens, the library’s discarded books and mobile, mechanical musicians. All this is observed by ivlat, fairy tale characters and “good spirits of culture”, which can be found on the edges of the square illustrated by Ida Tomminen.

Read more about the Sello Hall’s art experience on the Sello Hall website.

4. Järvenperä
Mon 22 – Sun 28 February
Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora

Magical winter

During Aurora’s winter holiday week, children get to be artists. Children design what the walls of the buildings in the courtyard would look like if it was up to them. Their paintings and drawings are projected onto the walls at dusk. In addition to the surprising murals of light, children create the soundscape of the winter holiday week. The unique sound installation is complemented by winter-themed poems written and recited by Aurora’s art instructors.

Through the participatory methods, Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora wants to express that we have not disappeared, and instead we strongly exist and create new experiences for everyone together.

• Light mural works, walls of Art House & Dairy buildings:
Viherlaakson koulu comprehensive school, 6th grade
Puutarhuri Day Care Centre pre-schoolers
Aurora art clubs, Espoo children
• Sound installation:
Poems and reciters: Art instructors Laura Pokela, Arja Rantala, Jenni Vilander
Soundscape: Participants of the Talvitarinat (Winter Stories) workshop
Sound design: Petrus Rapo/Vallila Audio Post
• Winter sparkle – snow adventure track, independent
Bring a handful of winter magic and a pinch of courage. On the snow adventure track, you can sneak across icy mountains, dive into a silver waterfall and leap over snowy barriers. On the finish line, you shine together with the sparkling snow.
Design and execution: Art Instructor Jenni Vilander

Imagination is magic – winter adventure trail, independent
Can you find the winter diamonds? Have you ever wondered what you would give to fairies as presents? Can you sneak on snow? Have you seen big, scary tracks in the snow? Don’t worry, you also have access to the fear jar. 
Design and execution: Art Instructor Terhi Jokiaho

Read more about Aurora’s art experience on Aurora’s website.