Espoo Day urban work of art Lintukato will be set up at Viaporintori square

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2019-05-21 13:42

The first major community artwork “Lintukato” by the street art pioneers Essi Ruuskanen and Tuuli Huovila will be set up at Viaporintori square for Espoo Day.

The setting up of the work of art will commence on Tuesday, 27 August and the opening ceremony will take place on Friday, 30 August at 10. The work will be on display from 29 August to 1 September 2019.

Community artists Tuuli Huovila and Essi Ruuskanen invite Espoo residents to take part in the preparation of this large spatial work of art. Workshops will be organised in different parts of Espoo in June.
The work, “Lintukato", will consist of thousands of shreds of recycled plastic that will be tied to form tassels and then attached to wires. The tassel wires will be hung to form a ceiling, playing with light and shadow, over the street at Viaporintori square on Espoo Day, 30 August. The work of art is a memorial to all birds that have already been lost and a shared effort to remind us of the importance of preserving the remaining species.
One fourth of the birds in Finland are already endangered and, for example, the populations of willow tits and crested tits have plummeted by up to 50% in ten years. Huovila and Ruuskanen want to take a stand on the preservation of birds together with Espoo residents and also create a magnificent spatial experience. The tassel workshops will involve cutting shreds and learning the tassel-making skill together.

Espoo Day will be celebrated on the last weekend of August, on Friday and Saturday, 30–31 August. The programme will include over 200 events and experiences open to all and free of charge.
The artwork is coordinated by City Events Espoo.