Spring in Karatalo 2020

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2020-01-10 14:22


Celebrated stars and strong emotions at Karaklubi events

The popular Karaklubi events feature charismatic artists across the Finnish music scene, each of whom has gained their status through their strong artistry. Accompanied by her 5-member band, Muska will take centre stage at Karaklubi in February to celebrate 50 years of touring. In March, the club will feature singer-songwriter Laura Moisio, whose songs blend elements from folk, blues and old evergreens. With her three albums, Moisio has become a leading songwriter of the young generation in Finland. Singer, songwriter, actor-director Mari Rantasila will perform in the spring season’s last Karaklubi in April. She has released music after a long break and will tour together with musician Suvi Isotalo. The concert will resonate with you and make you laugh and cry, because the entire spectrum of life will be highlighted through these wonderful songs. 

Films for winter holidays and Film Sunday for the whole family 

Two animation films will be shown as daytime screenings during the school winter holiday week. Bamse ja noita-akan tytär (Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter) as well as Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion provide entertainment on Friday of the holiday week. 
The Film Sunday in March offers two nature-themed films for the whole family. The afternoon film series includes the Finnish-French co-production Ailo’s Journey – The Amazing Odyssey of a Newborn Reindeer as well as the Finnish production Maiden of the Lake, which transports you to Lake Saimaa and its breath-taking scenery. Both events, the Film Sunday and Winter holiday films, are free of charge. 

Finnish drama in the Karakuvat series 

The familiar Karakuvat film series will continue in spring with screenings of Finnish quality films. One Last Deal by Klaus Härö (Finland 2018) tells a heart-warming story about an ageing art dealer who wants to close the deal of his life, one more time. Master Cheng by Mika Kaurismäki (Finland 2019) is a Chinese-Finnish co-production whose strengths include an emotional story and vivid characters. The screenings are free of charge. 

Experience the cosmos 

As winter turns to spring, there will be plenty to experience for people of all ages at Karatalo. In March, the event Lasten Värien Kosmos (Cosmos of Colours for Children) dives into the joy of art and play! Hupsansaa ry brings an art workshop and a sensory space to Karatalo, where yellow gets going, green goes wild and blue ends up all over the place! In April, the Ursa Astronomical Association stages a planetarium show, ensuring an unforgettable experience. As the lights go out and your eyes grow accustomed to the dim light, the planetarium reveals the cosmos in miniature with thousands of stars and other inhabitants of the vast universe. 

The Mole’s Treasure exhibition in Karatalo will be on display from 9 January to 9 February. The Mole’s Treasure exhibition, displaying original drawings, sketches and other documents related to the work process of the film Mole’s Treasure. 
The illustration plates, laid out according to the story sequence, illustrate the creative process of a hand-made block animation film. Intended for children, the small collage series Mole’s work (Myyrän työt) showcases the same process in a concise and illustrative format. The exhibition tells about the film’s origins from the point of view of its creator Tini Sauvo.