Heikintori – 50 years of the shopping street of eternal summer

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2018-10-30 17:15

Heikintori Shopping Centre opened in Tapiola on 30 October 1968. Marketed as the “shopping street of eternal summer”, Heikintori was unique in Finland in terms of its philosophy and architecture. It was designed to be a 24-hour activity centre and a significant part of the Tapiola garden city, so that the locals would no longer have any reason to go do their shopping in Helsinki. The businesses were selected carefully to complement each other. The harmonious look was designed meticulously down to the signs, uniforms and wrapping papers. The concept worked. For decades, Heikintori was a bustling meeting place full of events. Over time, Tapiola has been modernised and has gained many new shopping venues, but even today there are still a few of the original businesses operating at Heikintori.

In the Finna search service, Espoo City Museum has collected artefacts, photos and archive materials connected to Heikintori’s opening, various events and premises as well as associated information. Go and see what Heikintori looked like in different decades and increase the museum’s knowledge through Finna’s feedback channel. The address is ekm.finna.fi

In November, the city museum will also publish a mobile guide to Tapiola through the stories of its residents. You can use the guide to explore the favourite places and memories of former and current Tapiola residents from the 1960s to today. The mobile guide also features plenty of memories of shopping and school trips to Heikintori. The guide will be published at the address tarinasoitin.fi/tapiolatarinoina.