Espoo’s cultural venues closed until 31 March 2021

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2020-12-01 8:50

Espoon kulttuurikeskus sinisissä valoissa.

Due to the latest decision of the coronavirus coordination group, all cultural venues in Espoo and the public areas of the City Museum will remain closed until 31 March 2021. All cultural events have been cancelled. Basic education in the arts has been suspended. Libraries will provide limited services. The Tapiola Library, which is located within the Cultural Centre, can be accessed from the side of the Central Basin.

Cancelled events will be held at a later date, if possible. Each cultural venue will provide information on the cancelled and postponed events on their website, together with instructions on how to return pre-purchased tickets.

You can find the city’s coronavirus-related news and press releases at

We wish you all strength during these exceptional times.

Best regards,
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