Ticket sales at Espoo Cultural Centre

The ticket sales at the Espoo Cultural Centre sells tickets to all events sold at Lippupiste and Ticketmaster Suomi. The ticket sales office at the Cultural Centre is located in the entrance hall of the building.

Tapiola Service Point, The Cultural Centre ticket sales office:
- Mon, Tues 10 am–5 pm, Wed 12 am-5 pm, Thurs, Fri 10 am-5 pm
- On the eve of any bank holiday all Service Points will be open from 9am to 3pm. Please look for possible exceptional opening hours from Tapiola Service Point's own webpage.

At the Cultural Centre ticket sales, Lippupiste service fee starting  €1.50/ticket depending on the ticket price.
In addition all box offices have started 1.1.2018 to charge a delivery fee of €2/Lippupiste order (regardless of the number of tickets bought).

Ticketmaster's service fee is €1,50-3.50/ticket depending on the ticket price.
In case the event is cancelled, the service fee will not be refunded.

Tickets can also be bought at other Lippupiste and Ticketmaster box offices and
online at www.lippu.fi or www.ticketmaster.fi 

via the Lippupiste telephone service, tel. +358 600 900 900 (€2/min + local network charge),
Mon–Sat 9 am–9 pm and  Sun 10 am–6 pm
via the Ticketmaster telephone service tel. +358 600 10 800 (€1.98/min + local network charge),
Mon–Sat 8 am–9 pm and Sun 8 am–6 pm 

Hall charts with row and place numbers
Tapiola Hall, stalls
Tapiola Hall, balcony
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