Espoo Cultural Centre: About us

Espoo Cultural Centre is located in central Tapiola, next to Tapiola Central Tower,
Tapiola Swimming Hall and Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden by Tapiola Central Basin.

 Ilmakuva kulttuurikeskus

The distance to central Helsinki is approx. 8 km, to Helsinki Airport approx. 25 km and to Espoo Centre approx. 10 km.

* From Länsiväylä via the Tapiola junction: Tapiolantie–Itätuulentie–Pohjantie–Kauppamiehentie or Kaupinkalliontie
* From Ring I, for example Kalevalantie–Pohjantie–Kaupinkalliontie
* From Turunväylä, for example via the Mankkaa junction: Mankkaantie–Vanhamankkaantie–Koivuviidantie–Kalevalantie–Pohjantie–Kaupinkalliontie

* Kaupinkallio car park (Kaupinkalliontie 7) daily from 6 am–midnight, 
   tel. +358 9 455 5531, Kaupinkallion Paikoitustalo Oy
* Kulttuuriaukio Square 1 hour free of charge with a parking disc
* Heikintori Square and the other car parks of Tapiola (subject to a fee)

Further information from Helsinki Region Transport

Changes in pedestrian and bicycle traffic arrangements around the Espoo Cultural Centre
There has been some changes in pedestrian and bicycle traffic arrangements due to the Tapiola school and high school renovation.  New temporary routes are used.  See more information (pdf map in Finnish) about the new arrangements.