A significant number of Espoo’s cultural events are cancelled until 13 December – libraries and museums remain open

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2020-11-23 12:53

On 19 November, the coronavirus coordination group for the Helsinki metropolitan area stated that the epidemic is in the spreading phase in the area. In order to curb the epidemic, the capital region cities, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) outlined on 20 November 2020 that public events arranged indoors should be limited to 20 participants for the next three weeks, starting on 23 November. The decision on the matter was made by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. Read more about the guidelines in this news article.

In compliance with the guidelines issued by the coronavirus coordination group, the City of Espoo will cancel all cultural events with more than 20 people between 23 November and 13 December 2020. The decision applies to all Tapiola Sinfonietta concerts as well as events at Sello Hall, Kannusali, the Espoo Cultural Centre, Vindängensalen and the Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora.

Libraries and museums will remain open in accordance with their normal opening hours and will comply with the recommendations in force concerning, for example, face masks and safe distances.

“From the point of view of people’s well-being, it is important that not all cultural services are closed and that, despite the epidemic, we can still keep libraries and museums open. However, it is of paramount importance that people remember to wear masks and maintain safe distances when visiting museums and libraries,” says Cultural Director Susanna Tommila.

All cultural and art institutions operating in Espoo will adhere to the guidelines.

All the city’s news and press releases related to the coronavirus situation can be found at espoo.fi/coronavirus.