EspooCult research project

Information for developing cultural services

Espoo cultural services and the city’s cultural profile were being studied in a two-year research 2018–2020. The research was conducted by the Center for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore).

Research objectives:

  • Mapping the current state of cultural services in Espoo
  • Evaluating the achievement and potential of the CultureEspoo 2030 strategy objectives
  • Presenting conclusions and recommendations for future development of the cultural services

The research resulted in a large knowledge base on Espoo’s cultural services to support the development and strategy work of the city. The conclusions of the study include future solutions for how to integrate culture more strongly into planning the city’s future and into its residents’ daily life.

Research results are being shared on this page and on the website of Cupore, the Center for Cultural Policy Research. Enquiries regarding the research project should primarily be addressed to the project’s Research Coordinator Anna Kanerva from Cupore.