Cultural Christmas brings digital content close to you

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2020-12-22 13:03

Even in these exceptional times, you can enjoy culture from the comfort of your own couch. Online, you can visit museums, listen to concerts, watch theatre performances or borrow e-books from the online library. Many exciting online activities take you on adventures to explore the cultural city outdoors.

Below we have put together a wide variety of culture for Christmas – to explore, discover and enjoy!

Concerts and music

Tapiola Sinfonietta loves to play, no matter what kind of music it is. Their YouTube channel features recordings of symphonies, chamber music and children’s concerts, among others. Also, check out the playlists on the channel and the videos on Facebook and Instagram.

The Kotona247 service allows you to enjoy high-quality concert experiences from the comfort of your own couch.

  • Between generations is a captivating, joyful music session for grandparents and grandchildren. Maija Sariola and Susanna Lukkarinen are singers and musicians known from the Club For Five group, mothers of small children and friends of ‘humppa’.

Also, you still have time to watch the City of Espoo Independence Day Gala Concert! The recording is available for viewing until 5 January 2021 at

Cultural city adventures

Urban Espoo online service takes you on adventures around Espoo, including city tours, workshops, documentaries and much more! Here are some picks from the offering:

Visit museums virtually and explore the collections

KAMU – Espoo City Museum

Everything and Nothing – Kaija and Heikki Siren: explore the exhibition via the virtual tours available at KAMU’s Youtube channel.

A Thousand Stories about Espoo 360 virtual exhibition tells about Espoo in five different eras and places. The exhibition also explains how Espoo was born, who the people living there are and how Espoo became the city it is today.

You can now take a virtual museum tour to the heart of Glims, the lovely main building. The tour allows you to explore the 200-year-old residential and inn building also when the museum is closed.

The Pentala Archipelago Museum virtual exhibition takes you on a visit to an old fisherman’s estate on Pentala Island in Espoo.

Espoo City Museum’s Museum Without Walls mobile guides allow you to explore, for example, the Villa Museum Villa Rulludd, Träskända Manor Park, Tapiola’s history or sites related to the 1918 Civil War in Leppävaara.

KAMU – Espoo City Museum continuously develops new historical online content. KAMU’s History online site compiles all the museum’s digital content and online services for easy access.

For children

My Culture Call is a collection of free cultural content for all children, groups of children and families, also safe during the COVID-19 epidemic. The site also features a Merry Christmas greeting from Espoo Big Band!

The Kids Zone in the Urban Espoo service provides children with a lot of fun things to do. Explore the Adventure art tips created by the Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora and Seikkailutaidekoulu!

Digital services from the library

Now is an excellent time to take advantage of the e-library. To use it, you need the number of your library card and the pin code you received from the library.

Digital support as provided by the Helmet libraries is now available as a remote service free of charge. You will be contacted in the way you request. Read more about the remote digital support (in Finnish).

Kibecon is an online event for manga and anime lovers, organised on Saturday, 9 January 2021.