Coronavirus vaccinations continue in phases – vaccinations for the elderly about to start

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2021-01-21 19:38

Coronavirus vaccinations have progressed as we have received more vaccines in Espoo. During weeks 1 and 2, we vaccinated over 1,400 people. We have administered vaccines to employees at Espoo Hospital and Samaria Health Centre that only treats patients with infections. In addition, we have vaccinated coronavirus testing staff, the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department’s emergency care staff and Social and Crisis Emergency Services staff. We have also started vaccinating residents and staff at nursing homes for the elderly.

This week we will continue vaccinating social welfare and health care staff, emergency care staff and elderly nursing home residents. Next week we will start vaccinating home care staff and elderly residents.

Vaccinations for the elderly

The City of Espoo will send a letter by post to all residents aged 70 and older, providing information about the vaccinations and appointment booking. Invitations for vaccination will be sent to the elderly in phases as the age groups are large and at first there will only be a limited number of vaccines available.

We will first send invitations to people who turn 85 this year or are older than 85 as well as their informal carers and over 65-year-olds living in the same household.

Vaccination appointments can be booked through a separate appointment booking number or through the Uusimaa municipalities’ online appointment booking system. The persons invited for vaccination will receive appointment booking instructions in their information letter. The appointment booking system will open in week 4. Appointments cannot yet be booked this week.

Nursing home residents will be vaccinated at the nursing homes. The fastest way for a home care client to get vaccinated is to visit the health centre as the current vaccine requires refrigeration. If it is not possible for a client to visit the health centre, they will be vaccinated later during a home care visit. We will provide information about vaccinations at home later when suitable vaccines become available.

Information about coronavirus vaccinations: