Client satisfaction with disability services has improved

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2020-10-07 16:35

Clients are increasingly satisfied with Espoo’s disability services. In particular, clients feel that the services are quicker and friendlier than before. Disability Services conducted an annual survey on client satisfaction in May and June. According to the survey responses, results have improved in all the areas measured.

The proportion of those who were very satisfied with the services has grown by as much as eight percentage points compared to 2018, which reflects the overall positive trend. A total of 55 per cent of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the services, and 20 per cent were fairly satisfied, indicating satisfaction among three out of four disability services clients.

Satisfaction with the friendliness of the services has also grown; 68% of respondents said they receive friendly service (63% in 2018). In addition, the proportion of those dissatisfied with the services decreased by four percentage points (11% → 7%).

More than half of the respondents (60%) were satisfied with the speed of service. This applied to both contacting an employee and obtaining a written service decision. Disability Services has made a determined effort to reduce processing times over the past year. At present, applications for disability services are processed within the statutory time limit of three months. The average processing time is around 36 days, which means that many clients receive their decisions even faster.

According to the results, clients felt that their access to information had also improved. In total, 63% responded that they had good or moderate access to information on disability services, compared to 56% two years earlier. However, in their open responses, many clients expressed their need for more and clearer information on the services and forms of support. Clients also wished that they had a personal worker who would oversee their entire service package.

Young people want to use online services

In some topics, the respondents’ opinions were strongly divided. For example, the share of those satisfied with their possibilities to plan their own services increased in two years (34% → 41%), but at the same time, some clients felt that they were not able to participate adequately in the planning of their own services. Similarly, the responses were divided when the clients were asked whether they would like to have more services available online, such as online processing of applications.

When the responses were examined by age group, it emerged that the youngest age groups showed growing interest in the use of online services, whereas older age groups were less interested. With regard to online services, respondents wished that they could meet employees remotely. This option has been made available for clients of Disability Services. Read more about Remote meetings between clients and city employees

More than 200 clients responded to the survey

The survey was sent to around 900 people who used disability services between 1 December 2019 and 29 February 2020. The clients had the choice of completing the survey either on paper or online. By the deadline, 220 clients completed the survey, 50 of whom filled in the form online. Clients of all age groups responded to the survey, and guardians responded on behalf of their children. Over 65-year-olds were under-represented among those who responded. Their proportion is higher in our client base than among the respondents.

Further information on the survey

Specialist Suvi Linnanmäki-Koskela, tel. 040 631 3120,