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We publish information on events held in Espoo on the event calendar at the website. We do not, however, publish religious, political or commercial advertisements.

You can leave a notice of an event in three different languages. Please note your suggestion on the form of the language version in question. If the same event is held more than once, make separate announcements.

The fields marked with a red star (*) are mandatory and must be filled in before the form is sent. We read all suggested events before they are published.

About the site contains information on the data security of this website.


A short description of the event, displayed in the event listings at the website. This text will not be displayed on the event page. If you wish, you may copy it to the Event description field.

Event date
Starts at:*
Ends at:*

A map view of the address will automatically be added to the right side of the event page.

Enter the telephone number in the international format without empty spaces. Leave out the first zero of the trunk code (for example, +35898161234). The number will be automatically sorted for each language version.

Target groups:

You can select several target groups by holding down the Ctrl key. You can also remove any unnecessary selections by using the Ctrl key. Target group and district selections influence the event search at the website.


Enter your name and telephone number and/or email address so that we can contact you if necessary. These will not be displayed in the published event notification.