How can you ensure that your event is as accessible as possible?

The accessibility of an event consists of many different factors. An event producer investing in accessibility can already take the requirements for an accessible event into account when planning the event. The functions can be placed in locations that are as accessible as possible, the communication can be designed so that it is diverse, and obstacles to understanding can be removed by offering language options and customer service, for example.

In accordance with the Non-discrimination Act, the event organiser must primarily ensure that the event is accessible with regard to both the facilities and the event arrangements, and it must allow people to bring an assistant to the event. In addition, the organiser should be capable of making reasonable adjustments during the event itself.  

Information and tips that help you to make the event as accessible as possible to everyone have been collected on this page. 

Accessibility checklist

The City of Espoo social and health services have drawn up a checklist by which the event organiser can check how accessible its event and event location are for everyone.

Accessibility check list (pdf, 25 Kt)

Accessibility of facilities

Information about the accessibility of the different facilities of the City of Espoo can be found on the service map of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

More information

Accessibility expert Sirkku Wallin
puh. 043 826 8812

Disability Ombudsman Sirkku Kiviniitty
puh. 050 344 5190

Accessibility of events

The Culture for All Service ( maintained by the association Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta offers information and tools for promoting the accessibility and diversity of cultural services and events. Their guide includes practical tips and instructions for communication, pricing solutions and interpreting, among other things, as well as information on the accessibility of the built environment.  

Download the Tapahtumia kaikille! guide (pdf, 17043 Kt, in Finnish)