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Finland as an independent nation will turn 100 in 2017. It is an important year for Finland, which will be built together. The centenary will give rise to actions, experiences and a variety of programming. It will affect the entire country throughout 2017. Finland's century of independence, the current state and the future will be viewed through the various activities.

The anniversary is being prepared on a national and regional level

The centenary year of Finland's independence in 2017 will be built through cooperation between citizens and organisations. The Prime Minister's Office has assigned the Finland 100 project to coordinate the preparations. The secretariat of the project will distribute information, activate various bodies and bring together partners to prepare the programme for the year. The work of the secretariat will be guided by a regularly convened Centenary Board. A broadly representative commission will approve the general direction of the preparations. 

The Finland 100 regional network, which comprises regional councils and the six largest cities, will communicate the message throughout Finland, the communications units of the ministries will inform the state administration and the Finnish Embassies will distribute information abroad.

All of the programme projects will motivate the related interest groups and general population to take part in the centenary year activities.

More information on the preparations for the national year of celebrations can be found on the centenary website at

Information on the regional planning work coordinated by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is available on the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council website

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