Espoo in social media

You can find City of Espoo pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and and other social media channels. The posts are mainly in Finnish, sometimes also in Swedish or English. You are welcome to comment in any of these three languages. Our main channels:

Give feedback on city services, activities and decisions on our Feedback Service.

Rules of social media discussions

We want to encourage open discussions on our social media channels, but everyone must behave in a polite and appropriate manner, comply with the law and respect other people’s privacy.

The administrators of the city’s social media accounts monitor discussions and comments from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:00. The administrators may remind a user about these rules in case of inappropriate behaviour or delete any messages that break these rules. If a user repeatedly breaks our rules, their access to the social media account in question may be blocked.

All messages must comply with openness legislation and the city’s information security guidelines.  Messages must not contain personal data or other confidential information. The City of Espoo has an obligation to protect the privacy and security of its clients, which is why we will delete any comments in which a client writes confidential personal information. We are not able to answer questions concerning for example a person’s health through our social media channels.

Advertising and ideological or political campaigning are not allowed. Defamation, abusive comments to other people, swearing, racism and inciting criminal activities are prohibited.

We welcome you all to join our discussions!

Accessibility of our city-level social media accounts

Our above-mentioned city-level social media accounts take accessibility into consideration to the extent it is possible on each platform. What this means in practice is that for example images include alternative texts, videos are subtitled and hashtags are written in an accessible form.

Videos published through the city-level social media accounts do not include audio descriptions. The accounts include images and videos that were published before 23 September 2020 and are not accessible.

In addition to the city-level accounts, different units and sectors also have their own social media channels. We also recommend that you check out our publicationsblogs and podcasts.

Rules of our Facebook and Instagram competitions (pdf, 72 Kt)