Coronavirus vaccinations in Espoo

On this page, we provide information about the progress of coronavirus vaccinations and appointment booking in Espoo. Follow our news at the bottom of this page.

Current issues

Vaccination order

  • Espoo residents who have turned 16 or are older than 16, i.e. residents born in or before 2005.
    • You must be at least 16 years old to receive the vaccine.
    • You must be 16 or older to be able to book a vaccination appointment through the online appointment booking system. You can book an appointment by phone before you turn 16, but you will need to be 16 years old at the time of vaccination.
  • 12–15-year-olds who have a medical condition that significantly increases their risk of severe coronavirus disease. 

Vaccination appointments

Book an appointment through the online system at

  • New appointments will become available as we get new batches of vaccines. If there are no appointments available, please try again later.
  • You can book both appointments through the online system.

If you want to book an appointment by phone, call our number 09 816 34800 (Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00) and leave a call-back request.

  • Please only call us once and wait for our call. We will return calls as vaccination appointments become available. 
  • For now, informal carers can only book their appointments by phone.
  • Text message service for the deaf and hard of hearing, tel. 040 639 3945.

You must book a separate vaccination appointment for each person, but the appointments may be back to back. If you do not arrive on your vaccination appointment within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the time will be cancelled and you will have to reserve a new appointment.

First dose from Iso Omena service point without reservation

As of Monday 19 July, you can get the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine at the Iso Omena vaccination site without booking an appointment. You can visit the site from Monday to Friday between 9:30 and 11:30 and between 12:15 and 14:00. The vaccine is available to all Espoo residents who are 16 or older (i.e. born in or before 2005) and 12–15-year-olds who belong to risk group 1 or 2 determined by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Our staff at the site will also book a booster vaccination appointment for you.

Please note that you can only get the first dose of the vaccine without booking an appointment. We do not give booster doses without booking an appointment. The number of vaccines available varies each day.

Booking an appointment on behalf of someone else

You can make an appointment on behalf of your child under 18 years of age through the online system at bookcovidvaccine.fiActing on behalf requires strong identification, for example through online banking credentials.

You can book an appointment on behalf of an elderly person through the online system at if you have an authorized mandate to do so. You can grant someone a mandate to act on your behalf via online service. Both the person granting the mandate and the person to whom the mandate is granted need online banking credentials or mobile ID for identification. At, the mandate in question is called ‘managing matters related to healthcare. Please see this link for more information about e-Authorizations.

Cancelling a booked appointment

You will receive a confirmation message on your appointments by email or text message. The message includes instructions for changing the appointment date. The confirmation message contains the required link, appointment ID and a PIN.

If you cancel your first vaccine appointment, your appointment for the booster dose will also be cancelled and you need to book new appointments for both. 

You can use the appointment ID and PIN also to cancel or reschedule only the second appointment. In the booking system, you can choose a new date within the range of 8 weeks to 12 weeks and 5 days from the first vaccine.

If your scheduled appointment is less than 5 hours away, you can only cancel by phone.

Booking the second vaccination

If you have already received the first vaccine dose, but you have not booked an appointment for the booster dose yet, you can book an appointment for the booster within the range of 8 weeks to 12 weeks and 5 days from the first vaccine.  


Most Espoo residents receive the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine.

The AstraZeneca Vaxzevria vaccine can only be chosen by people born between 1952 and 1956, i.e. those who turn 65–69 this year. However, 65–69-year-olds can also choose the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine if they so wish.

At the Iso Omena vaccination site 

From 28.7 onwards, the vaccination site at the Iso Omena will also have Moderna's vaccine.

You can read more about the coronavirus vaccines on the THL website.

Booster vaccines

  • THL recommends that 65–69-year-olds who have received the first dose of the AstraZeneca Vaxzevria vaccine also take a second dose of Vaxzevria, unless there is a medical reason for not using the vaccine. If you wish, you may receive a booster vaccine with Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty.
    • Please note that the interval between the booster vaccination of Astra Zeneca is 8 weeks. If you have appointment 8 weeks after the 1 st vaccination, you have to take Astra Zeneca's vaccine. You can't change the vaccine at the vaccination point anymore.
    • If you wish to change the second dose to Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty, you have to postpone the booster time 8 - 12 weeks after the first dose.
  • Under 65-year-olds (i.e. those born in or after 1957) who have received the first dose of the AstraZeneca Vaxzevria vaccine will get the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine as their booster dose.
  • Everyone who has received the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine will also receive the second dose of the same vaccine.

Booster vaccination available at an accelerated schedule for persons going abroad for work or studies

Booster vaccination appointments can be brought forward for people who are going abroad to work or to study. You can sign up for the waiting list if your student exchange or work assignment has been confirmed, not if it is only a possibility. The duration of your stay abroad must be at least three months. The second dose cannot be given until at least three weeks have passed since the first vaccination. You cannot sign up for the waiting list if you are travelling for leisure.

If you want to be put on the waiting list, please fill in this form. Professionals will go through your information and determine whether your booster vaccination appointment can be brought forward. If yes, you will be put on the waiting list for accelerated booster vaccinations and we will call you to book an appointment for you. An accelerated vaccination schedule is also offered to family members travelling abroad with you.

Vaccination of people who have had coronavirus disease

As a general rule, people who have had the coronavirus disease are vaccinated eight weeks after contracting the disease. You can book a vaccination appointment eight weeks months after a positive coronavirus test result if it is your turn to get vaccinated.

According to the current instructions, people who have had the coronavirus disease also get two doses of the vaccine. If you contract the coronavirus after getting the first dose, you will get the second dose eight weeks after the positive test result.

Based on current knowledge, most of those who have had the coronavirus disease are immune to the disease for at least six months. For this reason, people who have had the coronavirus disease do not need to be vaccinated very urgently.

Vaccination sites in Espoo:

  • Tapiola Health Centre (address: Ahertajantie 2)
  • Iso Omena shopping centre, 2nd floor (address: Suomenlahdentie 1)
    The vaccination site is located on the second floor of the shopping centre, below the Iso Omena Service Centre. The best way to find the vaccination site is to enter the shopping centre from the main entrance on the metro side of the building on Piispansilta. We recommend that people arriving by car drive to the parking garage via Suomenlahdentie. Parking is free for customers for the first two hours.
  • Lintuvaara (address: Veräjäkallionkatu 3)
  • Metro Areena vaccination site (address Urheilupuistontie 3 )

If you are unable to use public transport for health reasons or if public transport is not available, you can claim reimbursement from Kela for the costs of a taxi trip to a coronavirus vaccination site. Read more Kela provides reimbursements for the costs of travel to coronavirus vaccination sites.

If you are unable to visit a vaccination site, you can get vaccinated at home

The fastest way to get vaccinated is to visit a vaccination site. If your functional capacity is reduced and you are unable to visit a vaccination site, you can get vaccinated at home. Espoo residents of all ages whose turn it is to get vaccinated can request to be vaccinated at home by calling Nestori – Guidance and Service Counselling for Senior Citizens. The staff at Nestori will interview you or your family member and examine your patient data. Based on their findings, they will refer you to be vaccinated either at a vaccination site or at home. Underlying health conditions, use of assistive devices, age or fear are not obstacles to getting vaccinated at a vaccination site.

EU coronavirus vaccination certificate available through My Kanta Pages

The EU coronavirus vaccination certificate has been available through My Kanta Pages as of 22 June. The certificate should be available through the service within one week of vaccination.

There have been some problems with coronavirus vaccination certificates. Most of the problems have been solved, but unfortunately certificates are still unavailable to some people. If your certificate is not available through My Kanta Pages, please send an email to Your email should include your name, date of birth ( and phone number. Never send your personal identity code by email. Our staff will go through messages in order of urgency.

If it is absolutely necessary that you get a certificate, but it is not available through My Kanta Pages, please call Espoo’s coronavirus helpline, tel. 09 816 34600 (Mon–Fri 7:00–18:00 and Sat–Sun 9:00–15:00) and leave a call-back request.

A certificate of your most recent negative coronavirus test result is available at

As of July, the European coronavirus certificate (EU Digital Covid Certificate) will also include a test result certificate and a certificate of recovery from the coronavirus disease. Read more about the EU coronavirus vaccination certificate on the City of Espoo website or on the Kanta website.

Basic information on vaccines

  • The vaccine is available to everyone who wants it.
  • The vaccines and vaccination are free of charge for everyone.
  • The vaccination is voluntary.

Click the heading below for further information on the progress of vaccinations.

The progress of vaccinations

Vaccinations for social welfare and health care personnel

Personnel of inpatient wards and emergency wards treating coronavirus patients, and emergency care personnel Vaccinations started in week 1.
Personnel of infectious diseases units treating coronavirus patients, and coronavirus testing personnel Vaccinations started in week 2.
Personnel of round-the-clock care facilities for the elderly Vaccinations started in week 2.

Home care personnel

Vaccinations started in week 4.
Other personnel of social welfare housing services and institutional care units with enhanced services (e.g. housing services for persons with disabilities) Vaccinations have started. 
Other personnel

Vaccinations have started.

Vaccinations for Espoo residents

Residents in round-the-clock care facilities for the elderly Vaccinations started in week 2.
People aged 85 and older Vaccinations started in week 4.
People aged 80–84 Vaccinations started in week 6.
People aged 75–79 Vaccinations started in week 9. 
People aged 70–74 Vaccinations started in week 11.
People under the age of 70 with a medical condition that significantly increases their risk of severe coronavirus disease.
  • Vaccinations started and appointments became available to people aged 60–69 in week 7 and for people aged 50-59 in week 8.
  • Appointment booking started for the whole risk group on week 8
People under the age of 70 with a medical condition that increases their risk of severe coronavirus disease.
  • Vaccinations for 50-69-years-old started on week 11.
  • Appointment booking for the wohe risk group started on week 12

Home care clients

Vaccinations to home care clients who turn 70 this year or are older and are unable to visit a vaccination site, over 70-year-olds living in the same household with them and  informal carers of persons who turn 70 this year or are older than 70, who have received a decision on support for informal care started  in week 7.
Other residents
  • Appointment booking for 65-69-year-olds started on week 14
  • Appointment booking for 60-64-year-olds started on week 15.
  • Appointment booking for 55-59-year-olds started on week 16
  • Appointment booking for 50-59-year-olds started on 29.4., on week 17.
  • people who turn 45–49 this year (born 1972–1976) –  Appointment booking started 7 May. 
  • people who turn 40–44 this year (born 1977–1981) – Appointment booking started 18 May at 16:00.
  • people who turn 35–39 this year (born 1982–1986) – Appointment booking started 1 June. 
  • people who turn 30–34 this year (born 1987–1991) – Appointment booking started 9 June.
  • people who turn 25–29 this year (born 1992–1996) – Appointment booking started 15 June
  • people who turn 20–24 this year (born 1997–2001) – Appointment booking started 22 June
  • People who have turned 16 or turn 17–19 this year (born 2002–2005) – Appointment booking started Tue 29 June. 
  • 12–15-year-olds who belong to the risk groups – Appointment booking started Mon 5 July.

Further information about the vaccines