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Early childhood education

Day care centres are open.

Only attend early childhood education if you are healthy, also take care of hygiene

We follow the instructions given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Ministry of Education and Culture on how to carry out our work and ensure hygiene during the coronavirus epidemic.

Children and adults must be healthy in order to enter early childhood education premises. Everyone must take extremely good care of hand hygiene and wash their hands thoroughly at least in the morning when joining the group, when coming indoors, before every meal, after every toilet visit and when coming back home. Guardians, please avoid spending time indoors in early childhood education premises to help us reduce the number of contacts between people. Until further notice, children are not allowed to bring their own toys to day care.

Open early childhood education

Residents’ parks

All residents’ parks are open, except the one in Matinkylä which is currently being renovated. The activities at the residents’ parks are, for the time being, outdoor activities. The interior spaces of the residents’ parks are not in use. The toilet facilities may be used if necessary, but always stay at least two metres away from other people and take care of good coughing and hand hygiene.

The residents’ parks follow the latest coronavirus instructions. Do not visit a park if you are even slightly ill. Also take care of safe distances and good coughing and hand hygiene when you are in a park.

“Suomi tutuksi” activities are on hold until further notice.

Activities for young schoolchildren are organised in the residents’ parks. As a rule, the activities are outdoor activities. When it is time for the children to eat snacks, hygiene instructions and safe distances are taken into account. Some children have signed up for a paid snack, while others will bring their own snacks from home. As the refrigerators may not be used at the moment, the snacks from home should be such that they do not need to be put in the fridge. If there are a lot of children, the snack time will be staggered.

The toy storage rooms in the residents’ parks will be kept closed until further notice.

Open day care centres

Open day care centres are closed for now. This is because the open day care centres cannot organise outdoor activities and it is impossible to avoid close contacts indoors.


Only go to school if you are healthy – stay at home if you are ill

Pupils and students may only go to school if they are healthy. Espoo complies with the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) with regard to illness and quarantines.

Further information: School health care guidelines for safety in schools

Pupils in grades 7–10 and upper secondary school students make a full transition to contact teaching

Upper comprehensive schools will provide teaching using a rotation model in accordance with municipality-specific implementation measures until 2 May 2021. The decision also applies to students in the 10th grade.

Upper secondary schools and vocational institutions will continue with the rotation model until 2 May 2021, after which they will fully transition to contact teaching starting from 3 May 2021.

Schools will provide further information on their arrangements

Guardians and students will receive further information on the schools’ arrangements, such as schedules and absence applications, through Wilma. All schools comply with the guidelines of the Finnish National Agency for Education and the THL hygiene recommendations.

If exposure occurs at a school, guardians and students will be informed

Espoo’s Infectious Disease Unit always contacts the guardians of the children who have been exposed to the coronavirus and have to be placed in quarantine. Students aged 18 and older are informed personally. The guardians of children and young people, staff members and students aged 18 and older will be informed if a case of exposure has occurred in their school.

Comprehensive school pupils who are placed in quarantine will receive a decision on special teaching arrangements, allowing them to study from home. If your child is exposed to the coronavirus in their spare time and placed in quarantine, please inform the school’s principal.

Upper secondary school students will study from home during their quarantine period. If a student is placed in quarantine due to exposure in their spare time, please inform the school.

Further information: Quarantines in schools and early childhood education

Schools are prepared to switch quickly to special teaching arrangements

All schools in Espoo are, if necessary, prepared to switch to special teaching arrangements, which means that pupils and students would study from home. These teaching arrangements may apply to one or more groups, classes or grades.

With regard to comprehensive schools, decisions on switching to special teaching arrangements are made (until 31 December) by the Director of Education and Cultural Services in cooperation with the infectious disease authority.

With regard to upper secondary schools, these decisions are made, depending on the situation, by the principal, the Executive Superintendent of Upper Secondary and Adult Education or the Director of Swedish Education and Cultural Services in cooperation with the infectious disease authority.

The use of masks is recommended for grades 6-10, upper secondary school students and staff and all visitors aged over 12

The recommendations issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) regarding the use of masks during the spreading phase of the coronavirus epidemic apply to public spaces, grades 6-10 and upper secondary schools, including general upper secondary schools and vocational institutions.

In comprehensive and general upper secondary schools, the use of masks is recommended for all visitors aged over 12 and all school staff.

The city asks upper secondary school students to take the wider mask recommendation seriously and comply with it, unless they have a special health reason for not using a mask.

Further information: Mask recommendation expands to upper secondary schools in the capital city area

Face mask usage recommended for the staff of comprehensive schools in the Metropolitan Area

Sports, exercise, culture and Youth Services

All indoor sports facilities of the City  will be opened to a limited extent 1 July. 

All indoor and outdoor hobby activities and c ompetition activities related to hobbies  for all age groups   are possible on a restricted basis  as of 1 July 2021.

Instructed outdoor excercise classes for seniors started on a restricted basis 17 May 2021. 

Swimming halls are open to a limited extent:

Videos and links encouraging to exercise have been compiled on page

The City of Espoo's  cultural venues and the public areas of the City Museum are closedLibraries will continue to provide limited services. All cultural events have been cancelled until 31 May 2021. Cancelled events at the city’s cultural venues (Sello Hall, Cultural Centre, Kannusali, Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora, Exhibition Centre WeeGee and Vindängen) will be held at a later date, if possible.

 The Ohjaamotalo opened 31 May. Services are also available online. 

Use of premises by Espoo residents

School and day care centre premises

Further information:

Basic education in the arts

The facilities of the cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen can be used for recreational activities in line with the guidelines issued by the coronavirus coordination group for the Helsinki metropolitan area.