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Customer service

Half of the City of Espoo Service Points are open – please use remote services whenever you can.

The Service Points that remain open will primarily serve customers in essential official matters. Brief digital support is also available for people who need help in taking care of essential official matters. At the Service Points, digital support is only offered to customers who wear a mask or a face shield.

Digital support is also available remotely via telephone, chat and video chat.

If you have symptoms of a common cold or any stomach symptoms, do not visit a Service Point. In such cases, you can also take care of many things over the phone or through our chat service. The general customer service number and the chat window are available at

How to run errands from home?

Services for entrepreneurs and companies

Entrepreneur, Business Espoo helps you to get through challenges that the coronavirus has caused. For now, Business Espoo is serving entrepreneurs and companies using remote connections, by email and by phone. You can also use the chatbot Bertta on the Business Espoo website. Bertta can answer the most common questions considering business services.

Information kit on services for entrepreneurs and companies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Smartbot to give multilingual coronavirus advice

The City of Espoo is testing a smartbot, or a learning artificial intelligence application, that answers questions in more than a hundred languages on the website. Its language skills are based on machine translation from English. While it will undoubtedly make some grammatical errors, the goal is to ensure that the key content of its messages is still understandable. News article