Mäkelä, Jukka Tapio
Born: 7 July 1960 in Espoo

Mayor Jukka Mäkelä

Organisation and management of the city

The organisation of the city consists of Corporate Group administration and three service branches: Social and Health Services, Education and Cultural Services, and Technical and Environment Services.

The Mayor leads the city under the City Board. The most important duties of the Mayor include the management of city administration, finances and other operations. In addition, the Mayor ensures that the matters handled at meetings of the Council and the City Board are properly prepared, appropriately tied together and implemented. The Mayor works as the reporting official in the City Board, as well as its Corporate Group committee, business, competitiveness, facility and housing subcommittees, and the Advisory Board of the Council.

Deputy Mayors work under the Mayor. Social and Health Services, Education and Cultural Services, and Technical and Environment Services are run by their respective heads. The Business Director runs Corporate Group Services.

The duty of Corporate Group Administration is to manage, supervise and monitor the entire Corporate Group of the city under the Mayor. Corporate Group Administration is headed by the Mayor. The Director of Finances, Personnel Director, Director for Economic and Business Development, Service Development Director, Communications Director and Director of Legal Matters work in Corporate Group Administration under the Mayor.

The Mayor chairs

  • the city management team
  • the management forum
  • the management team and administrative team of Corporate Group Administration
  • the management team of auditing
  • the strategy team
  • the advisory board of rescue services
  • the personnel committee
  • the city safety management team
  • the steering group of the economic balancing and productivity programme (Tatu)

The Mayor is a member of the following official bodies

  • Ministry of Finance delegation for metropolitan policy
  • Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities working group for urban policy
  • Mayors' meeting of the six largest cities
  • Mayors' meeting and coordination team of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
  • Mayors' meeting of the Helsinki region
  • Mayors' meeting of Helsinki-Uusimaa region
  • Regional Advisory Board of the Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Chamber of Commerce delegation and the regional board of Espoo
  • Cooperation team of the City of Espoo and Aalto University
  • Honorary Council of Aalto University's Student Union

Contact information

Mayor Jukka Mäkelä  
P.O.Box 11
Tel. +358 9 81621 (exchange) 
Twitter @KjMakela

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