Catering services

Espoo Catering Unit arranges catering services in Espoo and answers for their quality control. Majority of catering services is produced by the city's own Espoo Catering Ltd.

Meals at restaurant Akvaario in Espoonlahti Health Centre, restaurant Haukitalo in Haukilahti Service Centre, restaurant Länsituuli in Tapiola Service Centre and restaurant Rinkeli in Soukka Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens are produced by Palmia Oy. Palmias restaurants in Espoo.

On, you will find the menus for the restaurants in most of the other units in the City of Espoo, such as restaurants for employees, in nursing homes and in centres for senior citizens, and the menus for home delivered meals.   

School meals and menus

Espoo Catering Ltd produces meals for the majority of schools, day care units and afternoon activities. Some units are catered by Palmia Oy, Folkhälsan Syd Ab (Vindängens school and day care unit), Fazer Amica (Viherlaakso general upper secondary school and Haukilahti school) and Sodexo Oy (Kuninkaantie and Pohjois-Tapiola general upper secondary schools). Links to the menus of different service providers are found below. In addition, catering services are produced by HUS Ravioli (Keinumäki hospital school and health center departments at Jorvi hospital), whose menus are found from their own website.

Applicability of food products for any person with a special diet must be checked in the restaurant or from the menus of the different service providers.

Links to menus

Espoo Catering Oy menus

Palmia Oy menus

Viherlaakson lukio and Haukilahden koulu

Sodexo Oy, Kuninkaantie general upper secondary school

Sodexo Oy, Pohjois-Tapiola general upper secondary school

Palmia Oy service locations at the City of Espoo (pdf, 7 Kt)

Special diets

Notification of a special diet (pdf, 206 Kt)