Catering services

The Catering Services unit provides the City of Espoo with catering services and ensures that their quality meets contractual requirements. Most catering services are produced by the city-owned Espoo Catering Ltd.

ISS Palvelut Oy produces meals for Tietokylä in Otaniemi. The menus of staff restaurants, care units, centres for senior citizens and home-delivered meals are available on

School meals and menus

Espoo Catering Ltd produces meals for the majority Espoo-based of schools, day care centres and afternoon activities. The meals served in some locations are produced by Palmia Oy, Folkhälsan Syd Ab (the Vindängens day care centre), Fazer Amica (the Viherlaakson lukio and Espoon yhteislyseon lukio upper secondary schools), Sodexo Oy (the Kuninkaantien lukio upper secondary school and Pohjois-Tapiolan koulu) and ISS Palvelut Oy (the Otaniemen lukio upper secondary school). Links to the menus of different service providers are available below. In addition, some catering services (the Keinumäen koulu hospital school and the health centre wards in Jorvi Hospital) are produced by HUS Ravioli whose menus are available on its website.

Please ask the restaurant staff or consult the websites of these companies to find out whether the meals are suitable to your dietary requirements.

The units of the City of Espoo catered for by Palmia

  • Aarnivalkean koulu
  • Karamalmens daghem och förskola
  • Karamalmens skola
  • Kilon koulu
  • Kilon päiväkoti
  • Kilonpuiston koulu
  • Kylänmäen päiväkoti
  • Mankkaan asukaspuisto
  • Mankkaan päiväkoti
  • Mankkaanpuron koulu
  • Oravanpesä, esikouluryhmä
  • Sepon Koulu
  • Smedsby skola
  • Taavinkylän koulu
  • Taavintupa, esikouluryhmä
  • Tapiolan asukaspuisto

Links to menus

Espoo Catering Ltd's menus

Palmia Oy menus

The Viherlaakson lukio and Espoon yhteislyseon lukio upper secondary schools

ISS Palvelut Oy, the Otaniemen lukio upper secondary school and Tietokylä

Special diets

Notification of a special diet, day-care centre (pdf, 1112 Kt)

Notification of a special diet, schools (pdf, 1511 Kt)