External Auditing

In accordance with the Local Government Act and the auditing rule, the Auditing Committee and an Auditor appointed by the Council for its term of office are responsible for external auditing. The Auditing Committee and the Auditor are assisted by the External Auditing Unit that is comprised of office-holders who are subordinate to the Committee. The Committee compiles an annual auditing report evaluating the financial statement and the achievement of operational and financial goals. 

External Auditing Unit

Street address: Virastopiha 2 C, 5th floor, centre of Espoo
Mailing address: P.O. Box 113, 02070 City of Espoo

E-mail: firstname.surname@espoo.fi

Audit Director, Reporting Official of the Auditing Committee Virpi Ala-aho
GSM 046 877 2801

City Auditor, Secretary of the Auditing Committee Riitta Björklund
GSM 046 877 2974

Finance Auditing

The Council has selected BDO Audiator Oy as the Finance Auditor of the city according to the Section 122 of the Local Government Act.

The accountable Finance Auditor is JHT, KHT Tiina Lind.

GSM 040 528 2159
E-mail: firstname.surname@bdo.fi

Finance Auditors’ Office (in the agenda)
P.O. Box 113, 02070 Espoo
E-mail: jhtt-tilintarkastaja@espoo.fi
Street address: Virastopiha 2 C, 5th floor, centre of Espoo