Corporate Group of Espoo

A corporate municipal group refers to the economic entity composed of a municipality, or parent community, and one or more judicially independent communities where the municipality practices its authority alone or together with other communities belonging to the corporate municipal group.

The City of Espoo forms a corporate group together with its subsidiaries as well as municipal federations and affiliated communities.

A subsidiary is a community where the City of Espoo holds more than 50 percent of voting power.

An affiliated community is a community where the City of Espoo holds 20–50 percent of voting power.



Espoon Keskuksen Pysäköintitalo Oy

Espoon Asunnot Oy (Ltd.) (former Espoonkruunu Oy)
Espoon Asunnot is a city-owned company that does not aim to generate profit or distribute dividend. The company is self-financed, which means that the rents are used to benefit customers by improving housing, living environments and properties.

Espoon Toimistotalo Oy
Espoon Virastotalo Oy

Espoon Matkailu Oy
Espoon Matkailu Oy (Espoo Convention & Marketing) produces marketing services related to tourism, culture as well as conference and congress activities. The company works in cooperation with tourism businesses when marketing tourist attractions, products and events.

Kaupinkallion Paikoitustalo Oy
KOY Sokinsuonkuja 4
KOY Koskelonteollisuus 3
KOY Espoon Toimitilat
KOY Otaniemen tiedeasunnot
KOY Olarinluoma 15
KOY Kielas
KOY Espoon Suviniityn Pysäköinti
KOY Jousenpuiston Pysäköinti
KOY Opinmäen Kampus
Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy

Länsimetro Oy
The aim of Länsimetro (The Western Metro Extension) is to create an impressive, high-quality, modern and long-lasting metro system. The starting points for designing the Western Metro Extension are the automation of transport, the use of the newest technology and solutions that improve safety.

Tapiolan Urheilutalo Oy

WeeGee Oy
This building of museums, exhibitions and events contains five museums, a contemporary art gallery and CARTES Centre of Art and Technology. The public can visit more than ten different kinds of exhibitions in addition to taking part in supplementary events for visitors of all ages.


Espoo City Theatre Foundation
The Espoo City Theatre is maintained by the Espoo City Theatre Foundation with representatives from the City of Espoo and the supporters’ association of the theatre. The Foundation is governed by a delegation that has a four-year term of office.

Espoo Art Museum Foundation
The purpose of the Foundation is to maintain the Art Museum as well as preserve and manage the art collections in the Museum.

Foundation of Art and Technology, Espoo
CARTES Centre of Art and Technology in Espoo focuses on new art media and the promotion of digital art. It presents and produces soundscapes and imagescapes as well as related interactive elements. The Foundation of Art and Technology, Espoo, which upholds CARTES, was established in 1989 by the Sibelius Academy, the University of Technology and the City of Espoo.

Helinä Rautavaara Ethnographic Museum Foundation
The Helinä Rautavaara Museum is named after Helinä Rautavaara (1928–1998) who donated its basic collection. The purpose of the Helinä Rautavaara Ethnographic Museum Foundation is to uphold the Museum and improve knowledge about cultures outside Europe.

Municipal Federations

Omnia – the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region
Omnia is a multiprofessional provider of vocational education. Its members are the municipalities of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi. There are a total of about 10 000 pupils and more than 700 staff members.

This municipal federation is owned by 49 municipalities in Southern Finland. Eteva is the largest provider of services for the disabled in Finland. Its units are distributed around the municipalities in the region, and it provides housing services as well as occupational and daytime activities for roughly 2 500 handicapped and mentally disabled individuals in total.

EVTEK municipal federation
EVTEK University of Applied Sciences provides education in the fields of technology, business and culture. Education is provided for young people and adults, and further education is also available.

Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS)
The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa is the largest hospital district and the fourth largest employer in Finland.

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL)
The members of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) are the municipalities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava and Kirkkonummi. The municipal federation is responsible for planning and organising the public transport services in these municipalities, providing passenger information as well as preparing the Helsinki Region Transport System Plan.

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY)
The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority is a municipal federation that provides environmental services to residents and companies in the Helsinki Region. Its sphere of operations includes water and waste management as well as regional information services. HSY launched its operations on 1 January, 2010.

Kårkulla samkommun
Kårkulla samkommun provides diverse services in the Swedish-speaking coastal area of Finland. It specialises in the special care of the mentally disabled and organises occupational activities in accordance with the Social Security Act as well as welfare services for drug abusers.

Samkommunen för Västra Nylands folkhögskola
This municipal federation provides adult education centre services. It is based in the City of Raasepori and operates in Swedish. Its members are the municipalities of Espoo, Kauniainen, Hanko, Inkoo, Kirkkonummi, Raasepori, Siuntio and Vantaa.

Uudenmaan päihdehuollon kuntayhtymä
Ridasjärvi Detoxification Centre is a special service unit offering institutional care for substance abusers in Hyvinkää. The Centre is owned by Uudenmaan päihdehuollon kuntayhtymä. The Detoxification Centre has 60 places for substance abusers.

Uusimaa Regional Council
Uusimaa Regional Council is a municipal federation comprised of member municipalities where politically elected officials are responsible for decision-making. The purpose of the Uusimaa Regional Council is to serve as a provincial development agency, creating prerequisites to improve competitiveness, the wellbeing of residents, the development of industries and a pleasant environment in the region.

Affiliated Communities

Active Life Village Oy
Active Life Village is a hub of welfare competence that aims to facilitate the creation and commercialisation of competitive innovations in cooperation with their users. Its owners and key cooperation partners are the Aalto University School of Science and Technology, the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the City of Espoo and Bonavita Oy.

Asunto Oy Raijalax

Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd.

Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd. promotes the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as an excellent location for international companies and other organisations. The company aims to make the region more widely known. It also strives to improve the operational preconditions of existing companies in the area. The company was established in cooperation between the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Uusimaa Regional Council.

KOY Espoon Asematori
KOY Merenpauhu
KOY Merenselkä
KOY Soukan Liiketalo
KOY Soukan Pienteollisuustalo

LAUREA University of Applied Sciences Ltd.
Laurea University of Applied Sciences operates as a limited company. Laurea produces new competence in the field of service innovations and places special emphasis on close cooperation with working life.

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Ltd.
Metropolia, the largest university of applied sciences in Finland, is located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. It educates professionals and developers in the fields of culture, business, health care and social services as well as technology. Its share of ownership is divided as follows: Helsinki 42 %, Espoo 27 %, Vantaa 26 %, Kirkkonummi 4 % and Kauniainen 1 %.

Otahalli Oy
Otahalli is one of the most versatile sports centres in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Otaniemen kehitys Oy
Otaniemen kehitys Oy (Otaniemi Marketing) aims to strengthen the position of Otaniemi as the leading technological hub in Northern Europe by facilitating cooperation between those working in the area and by making Otaniemi more widely recognised and appealing.

Papinniityn Paikoitus Oy

Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy
Seure is the personnel service company of the cities in the Metropolitan Area. It is responsible for ensuring the availability of basic services in the cities. Seure provides flexible occupational solutions for both employees and those in need of labour force. The company operates in the regions of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Suurpellon jätehuolto Oy
The shareholders of Suurpellon jätehuolto Oy (Suurpelto Waste Management Company) are the landowners in the area, Asuntosäätiön Rakennuttaja Oy, VVO Rakennuttaja Oy and the City of Espoo. The company uses an automatic system to collect waste generated by the properties in the area into a terminal from where the waste is reclaimed.

Suurpelto Marketing Ltd.
This marketing company is owned by the City of Espoo, Asuntosäätiö and VVO-Yhtymä Oyj, who are also the most significant developers and builders of Suurpelto. In addition, Peab Oy, TA-Yhtymä and Asokodit are involved in the company under a separate contract. The aim of this cooperation is to create a single, joint party to manage communications, marketing, residential cooperation and the establishment of local services in the area.

Tapiolan Harjoitusareena Oy

Tapiolan Keskuspysäköinti Oy

Tapiolan Keskuspysäköinti Oy (Tapiola Central Parking) is a real estate company in the centre of Tapiola, owned by six real estate businesses as well as the City of Espoo and Länsimetro Oy.

Tapiolan Teollisuustalo Oy