Invoices from the City of Espoo

The customer service of Economic Management takes care of the following services:

  •  Payment plans and extensions to the due dates of the city’s invoices
  •  Changes to account, e-invoicing and address details
  •  Invoicing of statutory client fees for social and health services and granting of exemption from payments to clients who have reached the annual ceiling of client fees
  • Payments on the city’s accounts receivable, returning excess payments to clients
  • Collection of amounts due to the City of Espoo units, balance inquiries concerning debt arrangements

The customer service of Economic Management, tel. 09 816 29500, is open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 15:00. You can also contact us through our chat service.
Please note that if you have questions about the content of an invoice, you should contact the unit that provided the service or treatment. If you have questions about the content of home care invoices, please contact the person responsible for home care in your area.

Health centres
09 816 34500
Oma Lääkärisi Matinkylä 09 855 4100
Oma Lääkärisi Espoontori 09 855 4303
Dental care 09 816 30300,
Outsourced dental services 046 877 1339
Physiotherapy 09 816 36000

You can also pay the City of Espoo’s invoices at the city’s Service Points. Please note that HUS and HSY invoices or the city’s invoices that have already gone to a debt collection agency cannot be paid at the Service Points.

All city invoices through one e-invoicing agreement 

We recommend that you switch from paper invoices to e-invoicing as you will then receive your invoices directly to your online bank. When you make an e-invoicing agreement through your online bank, you will receive all City of Espoo invoices electronically. You will see all e-invoices sent by the city in your online bank as documents that look like a regular paper invoice. You can start receiving e-invoices from the city immediately.

You only need to make one e-invoicing agreement to receive all City of Espoo invoices electronically. E-invoicing has many benefits:

  • You can receive e-invoices anytime, anywhere.
  • You receive invoices within one day of invoicing.
  • You can pay your invoices with just a few clicks.
  • Bar codes, account numbers and other details are already on the invoices.
  • E-invoicing saves paper and reduces transport costs.
  • Invoices are sent directly to your online bank.
  • It is easy to start using e-invoicing:
  • Log in to your online bank.
  • Select this invoicer: “Espoon kaupunki/Kaikki laskut”.
  • Use the reference number of any invoice you have previously received from the City of Espoo as your identification details. Please note that from now on all invoices to the recipient of the invoice whose reference number you use will be sent as e-invoices.

After you have ordered e-invoices through your online bank, it will take a few days for this information to be entered into the Economic Management customer register. After this, you will receive invoices to your online bank. If you do not use an online bank, you can use direct payment. If you want, you can also use Posti’s OmaPosti service.

Debt collection

The City of Espoo has outsourced its debt collection to Svea Perintä Oy. The city sends unpaid amounts to the debt collection agency immediately after they have fallen due. The agency will send two reminders in the city’s name. If no payment is made in spite of the reminders, the actual collection measures will be launched.
If you have questions about debt collection, please contact our customer service, tel. 09 816 29500 (Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00).

Invoices sent to the City of Espoo  

The City of Espoo (Business ID 0101263-6) primarily accepts electronic invoices.

E-invoicing address:
The City of Espoo’s EDI code is 003701012636.
The operator is Ropo Capital Oyj code 003714377140. 

Paper invoices are only accepted under special circumstances.

Invoicing address:
City of Espoo
P.O. Box 112

Please ensure that every invoice you send to the City of Espoo includes the necessary invoice reference information provided by the ordering party.  Always send invoices and their attachments to the same address. If you are unable to send attachments with the electronic invoice, please send printed versions of the invoice and its attachments to P.O. Box 112.

If you have questions about your invoice to the City of Espoo, please contact the ordering party.

In case of technical issues connected to invoices, please e-mail . Please include the following information in your e-mail: invoice number, invoicing company and the amount invoiced.

You can also call us on 09 816 29500 at 9 am–3 pm.