Invoices from the City of Espoo

Espoo Economic Management manages the centralised invoicing for all the services of the City of Espoo. 

If there is an issue with your invoice, please primarily contact the telephone number stated on the invoice or our customer service on tel. 09 816 29500.

Your invoice can also be sent electronically as an e-invoice straight to your online bank.

Only invoices of the City of Espoo can be paid at Espoo Customer service. It is not possible to pay HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) or HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority) invoices or invoices that have been transferred to debt collection at Espoo Customer service.


The debt collection of the City of Espoo has been outsourced to Svea Perintä Oy. The city sends its open receivables to the collection agency immediately after they fall due. After that, the collection agency sends two requests to pay under the city’s name. If the payment is not made in spite of the requests, the actual collection measures are launched.

To learn more about debt collection, call us on 09 816 29500 on weekdays at 9 am–3 pm.

Invoices sent to the City of Espoo  

The City of Espoo (Business ID 0101263-6) primarily accepts electronic invoices.

E-invoicing address:
The City of Espoo’s EDI code is 003701012636.
The operator is Ropo Capital Oyj code 003714377140. 

Paper invoices are only accepted under special circumstances.

Invoicing address:
City of Espoo
P.O. Box 112

Please ensure that every invoice you send to the City of Espoo includes the necessary invoice reference information provided by the ordering party.  Always send invoices and their attachments to the same address. If you are unable to send attachments with the electronic invoice, please send printed versions of the invoice and its attachments to P.O. Box 112.

If you have questions about your invoice to the City of Espoo, please contact the ordering party.

In case of technical issues connected to invoices, please e-mail Please include the following information in your e-mail: invoice number, invoicing company and the amount invoiced.

You can also call us on 09 816 29500 at 9 am–3 pm.