Facilities for rent

The residents of the municipality may rent the city's facilities for their use.

  • You can book facilities online. Using the regional service Varaamo you can book facilities in the Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres, in Tapiola Library and in Sello Library.
  • Other facilities are normally booked by contacting the unit in question – please see instructions below.

Residents' parks and day care centres 

The residents' parks are intended for children of different ages as well as their parents and carers. The activity is open and free of charge, with no advance registration required. The municipal residents, companies and organisations may rent some Finnish early education facilities, such as residents' parks and day care centres, including open day care centres.

Kylämaja Community Centre (Matinkatu 7, ground floor) 

Residents and organisations may book the facilities for their use within the opening hours of the Community Centre. Use of the facilities during evenings and weekends may be agreed separately. Bookings and enquiries: Riikka Koola, riikka.koola@kalliola.fi, tel.  045 7732 4744.

Performance and practice facilities 

Here you can find (in Finnish) the performance and practice facilities that are rented out by Cultural Services.

Sheltered housing 

Aurorakoti (Kuninkaantie 43)

Aurora hall (for 16 persons), cafeteria nearby. Multi-purpose facility (for 40 persons, equipped with just chairs, good acoustics). Only available in the daytime. Tel. 050 412 3860 and 046 877 3755.


Library facilities can be booked Iso Omena Liibrary and Sello Library.

School facilities

Residents, companies and associations can rent classrooms, auditoriums, lobbies and dining rooms in schools for regular use or individual occasions Learn more about how to book school premises (in Finnish).

Sports Facilities 

Sports and Exercise Services manage the use of schools' sports facilities during evenings, weekends and holidays. The reservation calendar for sports facilities includes all sports facilities that are managed by Sports and Exercise Services, including those that are available for rent.

Youth centres

A fee is charged for the use of youth centres: the rate category depends on the activity and the organiser. The fee is based on the size of the facility. The use of Youth Services' facilities is applied for in the spring, and the application period will be posted on the City of Espoo website and in Espoo magazine. Inquiries on the available time slots can be sent directly to each youth centre.

Service centres' facilities

The facilities in service centres are primarily available free of charge for senior and pensioner organisations for non-profit activities. They are also available for other users against an agreed compensation. The service centres' facilities can also be used during evenings and weekends subject to a separate agreement.

Learn more about service centres

Iso Omena Service Centre

Iso Omena Service Centre there is facilities for meetings and group work. You can book the facilities by using the regional service Varaamo.

Health stations

Some health stations have meeting rooms that are available to residents' organisations on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Espoo Centre's Samaria Health Centre

Samaria offers meeting rooms. For bookings and more information, please contact the caretaker, tel. 09 816 32762.

Kilo Health Station

The bottom floor of the Kilo Health Station has a large meeting room whose two sections can accommodate approximately 20 + 20 persons. The other section is used as a dining area until 1 p.m. Bookings are made via the caretaker, tel. 09 816 35305 or 050 321 6287.

Leppävaara Health Station

There is a large meeting room in Leppävaara Health Station, which can accommodate approximately 60 persons. It is available after 1 p.m. (it is used as a dining area in the morning). Please contact the caretaker on location for information on booking.

Matinkylä Health Station

Meeting room on the 4th floor. Bookings are made via the caretaker, tel. 09 816 42302.

Tapiola Health Station

Basement room Maahinen (30 persons) available in the morning. Bookings are made via the caretaker, tel. 09 816 38347.

Other meeting and conference rooms in Espoo

Espoo offers meeting and conference rooms as well as banqueting halls that are suited for large or small events. Learn more about the facilities on Visit Espoo's website.