​Your feedback matters more than you think

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2021-04-19 13:30

Have you ever given feedback to the City of Espoo and wondered if it mattered? Your feedback is very important to us and will help us to develop Espoo into an even better and safer place to live.

City residents’ feedback reflects caring and nurturing the common good. Espoo residents want to be satisfied and proud of their city. They want to protect nature, shores and water systems. Fortunately, that goal is shared by residents and the city. We need each other!

Here are some examples of what we have achieved recently thanks to feedback from the residents.

Living environments and streets among the top feedback themes

In particular, we receive plenty of feedback on the living environment and street maintenance. Thanks to the feedback, we have increased traffic signs, installed speed displays, investigated and increased traffic calming measures and opened clogged ditches.

We often receive wishes from residents about trees that are dangerous or in bad condition. This information is also very important to us so that we can intervene quickly if necessary. We work with residents to fight the city rabbit and rat problem.

In addition, we organise efforts to stop invasive species, remove visual obstructions, maintain playgrounds, residents’ parks and dog parks, clean public areas of graffiti, repair traffic signs, refurbish benches and place new ones in park and street areas based on the residents’ wishes.

The pandemic brought masks and increased enthusiasm for outdoor recreation while other hobbies decreased. These factors have increased litter. Our maintenance team has responded to this challenge by increasing the emptying rate of waste bins in many places and ordering larger bins based on feedback from residents.

Praise for libraries and parking control

We also receive praise for good work. It is always nice to get positive feedback. Thank you for that!

For example, our libraries are praised for their friendly service, especially during the pandemic, and for their story hours in Spanish. We have also received positive feedback for making the Language Cafés available online during the pandemic.

Our cultural services have received praise for the online service managed by the event and cultural services, which can be found at www.urbanespoo.fi. You might want to check it out!

This winter, the weather has favoured skiers, and our sports services have been praised on several occasions for the great ski tracks and their excellent maintenance. Outdoor sports equipment has also been well received.

The City of Espoo Elderly Services are praised for the good care of parents in different group homes, and the COVID-19 vaccination sites are praised for their smooth running.

At the beginning of this year, the City of Kauniainen handed over its parking control to the City of Espoo. We have received positive feedback for overseeing parking in both our neighbouring city and our own city, as incorrectly parked cars do not cause harm to other people looking for a parking space.

The city can act surprisingly quickly

We regularly receive praise for our speed. For example, the removal of old and dangerous trees from Soukansalmi has been described as incredibly fast. Dog owners, on the other hand, have praised the new garbage cans in Laurinlahti.

Our Street maintenance on a map view service has received tremendous praise as well as lots of users. Some city residents can already find answers to their questions in this map service, where the winter maintenance situation is displayed almost in real time. We are constantly developing the page, and customers have suggested, among other things, adding parking prohibited zones to the map service. This is under review.

Nearly 20,000 feedback items per year

Through the City of Espoo feedback service, we receive almost 20,000 feedback items each year. You can give feedback in our feedback service, to which you can also find a link on every sub-page of the espoo.fi website.

If you are more interested in feedback, check out our feedback report, which allows you to see how much feedback has been given on a particular subject, for example, in the past month.