What is going on at the Service Centres?

How are the Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres developing their services? What events are coming up? How can I get involved as a customer? Keep an eye on our news and upcoming events.

Please note that our website does not include all events organised at the Service Centres. Events will only be shown on our website if the organisers have added them to the Espoo.fi event calendar. The Service Centres are responsible for advertising their own events.

  • If you are going to organise an event at the Iso Omena or Kalajärvi Service Centre, you can suggest that an advertisement be placed on the Espoo.fi website.
  • Instructions for suggesting that your event be published on the Espoo.fi website are available on the Service Centre’s checklist for event organisers.

Events organised by Iso Omena Library and Kalajärvi Library can be found on the Helmet website.