More than 1.5 million customers visited the Iso Omena Service Centre

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2020-01-23 13:22

In 2019, the Iso Omena Service Centre attracted a record number of customers – once again. Statistics show that a total of 1,546,133 customers visited the Service Centre. This means an increase of about six per cent compared to the previous year. The number of customers visiting the Service Centre has constantly increased since it was opened in August 2016.

Up to 5,000–6,000 customers visit the Service Centre on weekdays and about 2,000 on weekends.

Customer satisfaction remains high

Customer satisfaction with the Service Centre also remains high. A customer survey conducted at the end of the year revealed that 94% of customers felt that the Service Centre’s services met their expectations and 74% found the Service Centre friendly.

The Iso Omena Service Centre conducts a customer survey twice a year. The next one is scheduled for spring 2020. The Service Centre also warmly welcomes feedback outside customer surveys. Please send in your feedback through the City of Espoo feedback service or leave it in the feedback box next to the information desk at the Service Centre.

General advice in the lobby – book an appointment for private matters

The growing number of visitors puts pressure on the premises of the Iso Omena Service Centre, and some survey respondents critically asked how we ensure that customers’ privacy is protected. New solutions are constantly being considered at the Service Centre to ensure that our service remains smooth but also confidential.

“As there are many people at the Service Centre, the advice we give in the lobby is always general in nature. If a customer tries to discuss their personal matters in the lobby, our staff will ask them to book a Kela appointment, use e-services or visit the desk of the City of Espoo Service Point,” says Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti.

Services intended for the same customer groups are side by side at the Service Centre. This way, the staff can easily request assistance from another unit without having to ask the customer to go somewhere else.

“Customers’ matters often extend beyond unit boundaries. Having experts from different units work next to each other enables us to serve customers faster. For example, the library, maternity and child health clinic and Youth Services are all at the eastern end of the Service Centre. The western end contains services for adults, including the library’s adult sections. In the lobby between them, Kela, the library and the Service Point serve customers side by side. They can for example help customers use e-services,” Jäntti says.

Further information:

Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti
tel. 040 579 4840,