Services of Iso Omena Service Centre during the coronavirus epidemic

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2020-11-30 16:31

Updated 12.5.2021

The Iso Omena Service Centre offers limited services for the time being* due to the coronavirus epidemic. You can check the availability of different services from this news article – we will update the information as the situation changes. 

You may not visit the Service Centre if you have even the slightest symptoms of a common cold or any stomach symptoms. Even if you are healthy, we recommend that you run your errand as quickly as possible. Always wear a mask or a face shield. 

Opening hours remain unchanged, but access to the premises will be limited  

The Iso Omena Service Centre is open as usual Mon–Fri 7–21, Sat 8–18 and Sun 11–18. 

You can access the premises only if you have to visit one of the units that remain open (health centre, mental health and substance abuse services, maternity and child health clinic, laboratory and X-ray unit, Kela, Service Point, Ohjaamotalo). 

The Iso Omena Library will be closed, but you can return and borrow books on a self-service basis and use the customer computers for essential matters. You may only remain at the premises of the Iso Omena Library for the time that it takes you to run your errands at the service units that are open. Customers are not allowed to stay and read books or magazines, for example. The hobby and leisure spaces at the Iso Omena Library are closed until further notice. These include the makerspace Paja, the music studio and the music room, the youth space Vox and all meeting rooms. 

The meeting rooms are closed and public events have been cancelled until further notice. 

Services of different units: Iso Omena Service Centre 

  • The laboratory (HUSLAB) serves customers during its normal opening hours

  • X-ray (HUS Medical Imaging Center) serves customers during its normal opening hours

  • The maternity and child health clinic serves customers during its normal opening hours

  • Mental health and substance abuse services are available during the normal opening hours. Help is also available by phone, tel. 09 816 31300 (Mon–Fri 8:00–16:00). 

  • The Service Point serves customers during its normal opening hours, but primarily in essential official matters. Brief digital support is also available for people who need help in taking care of essential official matters. At the Service Point, digital support is only offered to customers who wear a mask or a face shield. Digital support is also available remotely via telephone, chat and video chat. Read more in the Service Points’ news article

  • Kela recommends that you handle your Kela-related matters online or by phone. When you contact Kela by phone, you can get personal advice and conduct your business just as if you were visiting a customer service point. You can also book an appointment by phone. Kela serves customers during its normal opening hours. You can also use our customer computer to take care of Kela-related matters, but there is no guidance available on site. 

  • The library serves customers during its normal opening hours. There are no self-service hours, meaning that library staff will be present throughout the opening hours. You may run quick errands at the library: pick up a reserved item or borrow and return items using the self-service machines. You can take care of essential matters using a customer computer. Customers must wear masks. Customers cannot access the main collections – instead, they can pick up reserved items from the pick-up shelf and borrow items from the limited collection by the self-service machines. 

  • The Employment Espoo Information Point will serve customers remotely. You can contact the service Mon–Thu 10:00–15:00 by telephone, e-mail and chat

  • The Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre serves customers remotely. Starttipiste helps primarily over the phone (040 126 7513) and via Discord Mon, Wed and Fri 12:00–16:00, Tue and Thu 10:00 – 16:00.  

  • Espoon Asunnot serves customers as usual by telephone (09 3544 5000 Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00) and by e-mail ( The customer service point at the Iso Omena Service Centre is only open to customers who need to sign their tenancy agreement and by appointment only. 

  • Information Point for Immigrants serves customers only by telephone at 040 636 8097 (Mon–Thu 10:00–16:00 and Fri 9:00–12:00) during the coronavirus restrictions.

The Service Centre aims to resume normal services as soon as the coronavirus situation and the official recommendations so permit. 

Coronavirus advice:

*Updated 12.5.2021: The exceptions in the services of the City of Espoo Service Centres will continue for the time being. This is based on the decisions of the metropolitan area’s coronavirus coordination group.