Customer survey results

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2021-01-12 10:47

The Service Points’ customer survey was carried out in November–December 2020 and received 236 responses. Many thanks to all respondents! Our lucky winners are Pirkko and Marjatta.

What did the survey show?

The Service Points are important to Espoo residents and most of them prefer to use the Service Point closest to their home. There is an increasing interest in electronic services. Requests were made for both video guides and virtual guidance and also for hands-on guidance. Indeed, the Service Point staff are happy to demonstrate the use electronic services, for example, showing how to top up a HSL travel card online or scan KELA attachments.

The City of Espoo website was considered difficult to navigate, and the site will be undergoing major updates in spring 2021.

Respondents also expressed concerns for residents with limited means. Several of the responses pointed out that not all citizens have access to a computer or smart device or the skills to use them. For many people, face-to-face customer service has important intrinsic value. Taking care of practical matters is also considered a social event and an exercise opportunity.

The respondents considered our customer service good: on a scale of 1 to 5, we received a score of 4.3. The respondents called for more information on our services: what kinds of matters can be handled at Service Points?