Customer satisfaction remains high at Iso Omena Service Centre

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2020-11-25 13:30

The services of the Iso Omena Service Centre meet the expectations of public services, according to 87% of the people who responded to the Service Centre’s customer satisfaction survey in September and October. For 79% of the respondents, the location of the Service Centre in the shopping centre is a good thing. These figures that measure the customers’ overall satisfaction have remained at the same level throughout the four-year history of the Service Centre. 

In September and October 2020, the Iso Omena Service Centre’s customer satisfaction survey was for the first time only carried out online, as face-to-face interviews could not be held due to the coronavirus epidemic. Customers also had the option of responding on paper, but all 119 responses were sent online. 

“We were especially delighted to see that over 65-year-olds actively responded to the survey online. They accounted for 53% of the respondents. This indicates that our senior customers’ digital skills are quite good. After all, one of the goals of Espoo’s Service Centres is to support the development of our residents’ digital skills,” says Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti

Many customers switched to remote services 

The coronavirus epidemic has limited the availability of public services at the Iso Omena Service Centre this year, which was to some extent reflected in the survey results. 

A total of 53% of the respondents said that they have visited the Service Centre less than once a month this year, which suggests that many people take care of their matters remotely, either online or over the phone, whenever possible. Most of the Service Centre’s services are now also available remotely. 

“Our customers have been very responsible during the coronavirus epidemic and have visited the Service Centre less frequently. During the epidemic, we have had an average of 3,000 customers per day. Previously, some 5,000 customers visited the Service Centre each day,” Jäntti says. 

As in previous years, feedback on the customer service provided by the Service Centre staff and on the service centre concept itself has mainly been positive. In addition, the Iso Omena Service Centre once again received very few criticisms from the customers. 

“This autumn, a few respondents said that the arrangements were confusing. This may be due to the temporary arrangements we have made on the premises to ensure safe distances, for example in the customer computer area,” Jäntti says. 

Further information 

Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti, Iso Omena Service Centre, City of Espoo,
tel. 040 579 4840,