How to make a request for information

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If you need a copy of your school certificate

The City Archives can give you a copy of your school certificate if you graduated from an Espoo-based comprehensive school, vocational upper secondary school or general upper secondary school. To find your certificate, we need to know your full name, your last name when you graduated (if your name has changed since), your date of birth and the name of your school. You can visit the City Archives to get a copy or give us a postal address where we will send the copy. Copies of school certificates are free of charge. We will only charge you if we need to provide more than 20 pages of photocopies.

If you need a copy of your child health clinic or school health care records, such as information about your vaccines:

The City Archives keeps the child health clinic and school health care records of people born in 1996 and before. (The records for persons younger than this are kept by the Archives of Social and Health Services.) 
Information about vaccines and other health records are confidential. To get copies of these documents, you can either submit a written and signed request for information or visit the City Archives in person and present official proof of identity. The written request for information must include the following information: your full name, your name in childhood (if your name has changed since), personal identity code, the information you are requesting and from what period, and the address where we should send the documents. Copies of your personal health records are free of charge.

If you need construction drawings:

The City Archives keeps buildings’ structural drawings from 1949–1988 and plans for building approval (architectural drawings) from 1939–1999. (More recent drawings are available from the Archives of the Building Control Department, website in Finnish.) Construction drawings can be found in the archives based on the permit number or address. You can view the drawings at the City Archives and photograph them. You can also order electronic or paper copies of them. This service is carried out by an external photocopying service and is subject to a fee.