The City Archives

The City Archives is located on the third floor of the Entresse Shopping Centre at Siltakatu 11.

The City Archives stores the City of Espoo archives and private archives. The materials that the City Archives keeps are stored in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation. All documents are stored in access-controlled, locked spaces that only the personnel of the City Archives can enter.The grounds on which documents are processed are an authority’s obligation to carry out its statutory tasks and archiving purposes in the public interest.

Public documents can be viewed and studied in the City Archives facilities.
If required, extracts and copies that are subject to a charge can be taken from the documents in the City Archives.

Classified documents are handled in accordance with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities. The right of access is verified.

Information service requests must be submitted well in advance.

Price examples of document copies: A4 EUR 0.50, A3 EUR 1.00
Extract from an official record and a certified document copy: A4 EUR 1.00/page

N. B. We find documents for visitors to view only until 3.15 pm.