Innovative Espoo

School action day

Espoo wants to be a pioneer of municipal service development. We increase the individuality of services by combining e-services with traditional services in a new way. 

Development is driven first and foremost by the client’s best interest; we want to offer Espoo residents increasingly convenient services that make their everyday lives easier.

We develop our services based on experimental culture and co-creation. This means that the city opens doors and invites all stakeholders of municipal services from companies to associations, research institutions and residents to refine old services and innovate new ones together. The inclusive slogan of Espoo co-creation is “Make with Espoo”.

With co-creation methods and a broad-minded approach to trying new things we can create jobs, new competence and vitality in Espoo and all of Finland.

City-level service development work is mainly conducted within the framework of two programmes: The EU-funded 6Aika strategy and Espoo's digital agenda