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Espoo in European Comparison

The publication “Espoo in European Comparison” analyses Espoo and selected cities based on the data of Eurostat’s Urban Audit-collection.

In comparison to other cities the age structure of Espoo is very young. Population growth has been extraordinarily high, foremost due to a constantly high birth surplus. The share of population with migration background belongs to the smallest ones and segregation is still rather low. Espoo stands out particularly as family city. Air pollution is below the comparison group’s average. Health and security are considerably better. The share of households living in houses is on average level, whereas the homeownership rate is high.

The proportion of residents qualified at university level is highest in Espoo and the city’s employment rate is on a high level. Full-time employment is most common in Espoo and women’s share of full-time employments is largest. On the other hand the proportion of the self-employed one of the lowest. Espoo’s estimated gross domestic product per capita is the third highest. The city has a strong industrial sector and a relatively large share of jobs in financial intermediation and business activities.

Espoo is more motorised than most other cities and commuter traffic is enormous in both directions. The share of people commuting with public transport is large, but satisfaction with public transport services is only average. Flight connections are relatively few and key figures for tourism are on a low level. Espoo citizens use public libraries most often, whereas cinema visits are rather infrequent.

From the perspective of local politics, the share of women in the city council is largest in Espoo. Election participation rates are on a high level and the municipality’s position within the political system is stronger than for most other cities.

Espoo in European Comparison

Die Stadt Espoo im europäischen Vergleich