Make with Espoo product family

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The City of Espoo has created publications describing the outputs it has produced while participating in Six City Strategy (6Aika) projects. These publications now form the Make with Espoo product family.

The product family includes three categories of publications: theoretical frameworks, handbooks that provide models, and application examples of actual solutions that have been implemented in Espoo.

The entire product family has been published in Finnish. The publications translated into English are listed in the image below and links to downloadable and printable PDF versions of the publications are available at the bottom of this page.

A collage of Make with Espoo products in English

All publications may be freely used and refined further. You may copy and republish these texts as long as you credit the original source.

Not all of the publications listed below are accessible because they were published before the Act on the Provision of Digital Services took effect and they are targeted at experts. However, if you do need an accessible version of a certain publication, please send feedback to

There are accessible versions of four publications that were published after 23 September 2018. They are listed below. In addition to these accessible PDF versions, the old browsable online publications will also still be available as they can be used by individuals who are able to see and browse through publications on a computer screen.


Framework for customer information knowledge management


Producing and utilising customer information: a handbook

Handbook for Co-creation

Application examples

Iso Omena Service Centre as an innovation platform

Data Protection and Secure Opening Up of Data

KYKY Living Lab handbook for co-creation by schools and companies