Technical visits

kids in school, Opinmäki / Photo by Heidi-Hanna Karhu

The City of Espoo welcomes interested visitors to explore how different services of the city are organised regarding e.g. the Finnish education system, maternal health care or the care for the elderly. Visitors can also explore the unique Service Centre in Iso Omena shopping centre and the city's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem Espoo Innovation Garden. A technical visit is usually composed of a visit to local schools, research institutes or accelerators, a lecture of a particular theme of interest and discussion.

School and day care visits

Send a visit request directly to the school or day care center: 

Prices (according to the principal's / day care leader's consideration): half a day 400 €, whole day 800 €. Extra charges for lunch or coffee. 

VAT +24% is added to all visiting fees and catering costs

Visits to health centres and maternity and child health care clinics (neuvolas)

Please follow the instructions in the file on how to contact the units.

Interested in organizing protocol- or media visits?

If you are interested in getting to know some other service function of the city of Espoo, you can contact the unit directly or write to International Affairs Team.

For organizing diplomatic visits to Espoo, sister cities, foreign embassies and ministries and representatives of the media can contact International Affairs Team.

Enquiries on visits
International Affairs Team

Want to visit Espoo Innovation Garden?

Espoo is a garden of innovation and adventurous experiences – Espoo Innovation Garden. We want to prepare a seedbed for creating new jobs and a good strong living environment in the spirit of co-creation with companies, communities and residents. The city itself is one of the gardeners by bringing together various partners and creating possibilities for growth and innovations.

Would you like to get to know the biggest innovation ecosystem in Northern Europe? To get acquainted with Espoo Innovation Garden and its players, contact Mayumi Shimizu.

Mayumi Shimizu
Senior Business Advisor
Espoo Marketing Oy

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