Join the Cities4Europe campaign!

What will your Europe look like in 2030? What direction should European cooperation and integration take? What is the role of cities and their residents? Eurocities is a network of 140 European cities. The city of Espoo and its sectors are among its active members. Eurocities launched a campaign called Cities4Europe in May 2018. The campaign aims to involve city-dwellers in defining Europe’s future and to spark debate before the European Parliament election in 2019. The campaign also seeks to draw attention to the importance of European cooperation to cities and their inhabitants. You can follow the outcomes of campaign across Europe online:

Espoo and the other cities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area participate in the campaign. We invite all city employees, residents and stakeholders such as higher education institutions and organisations to participate with us. There are many ways to participate:

  • Tell about your Europe in 2030. Eurocities collects ideas from European citizens on postcards. To participate, simply complete the sentence “My Europe in 2030 will…” in Finnish, Swedish, English or any other European language on your postcard. The postcards will be presented to representatives of the European institutions at the annual Eurocities conference. Printed cards are available in service points across Espoo in summer 2018. You can also send an e-card at the following address:  

  • Blog about it. Does your work or everyday life involve a European dimension? What kinds of cooperation, regulation or opportunities does Europe provide in your field? We will publish blog posts on They are an easy way to illustrate what European integration means in practice. You are welcome to send your blog post to hanna.eskelinen(at) Blog posts will be published throughout the year.

  • Share good social engagement practices from Espoo. The campaign seeks to highlight social engagement practices used by cities on the European level. What do we want to share about Espoo? How do we engage the residents of Espoo? How do we build our community together? Please send your examples of social engagement practices to milla.ovaska(at) They will be added to the Cities4Europe website.

  • Organise an event. What does European cooperation mean in your workplace? How could you engage the larger public in the European debate and share information about cooperation opportunities? How can we engage Espoo residents in public debate? For example, the Youth Services of the City of Espoo is eager to hold events and public discussions where young people can debate the significance of Europe and its future from their perspective. Please send the details of your event to milla.ovaska(at) They will be added to the campaign website.

Cities4Europe poster