The City of Espoo is an active participant in international networks. These organisations offer platforms for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas in order to improve the city’s services and the competence of its staff. Furthermore these networks make important policy work on specific issues and reinforce the important role that local government plays.

Twin towns

The City of Espoo maintains established friendships with twin towns from the Nordic countries, Russia, China, the United States, Estonia and Hungary. Mutual understanding and cooperation is promoted through these friendships. City officials and citizens exchange ideas and explore other twin towns. Cultural and educational cooperation has been particularly important in Espoo’s twin town relations.

In 1998 Espoo and Shanghai signed a sister city agreement and a year later the first memorandum of understanding was signed. According to the current memorandum of understanding Espoo and Shanghai work together particularly in the fields of science and technology, cooperation in higher education and exchange of best-practices.

Twin towns of Espoo:

Esztergom, Hungary
Gatchina, Russia
Irving, USA
Kongsberg, Norway
Kristianstad, Sweden
Køge, Denmark
Nõmme, Estonia
Shanghai, China
Skagafjörður, Iceland
Sochi, Russia