Multilingual InfoFinland explains how the most efficient country in the world works

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2018-11-27 12:38

Equality, high-class education and clean environment are attracting increasing numbers of international experts to Finland. When experts move here for work, they also bring their spouses and families. Their minds are full of questions: where will my spouse find work? How do we arrange schooling for our children? Where can we study Finnish?

The InfoFinland online service answers these questions and many more. The website explains in 12 languages how the most efficient country in the world works.

“Many read InfoFinland outside Finnish borders even before they move to Finland. Reliable information in one’s own language is vitally important for integration,” says Editor-in-Chief Eija Kyllönen-Saarnio from the City of Helsinki.

InfoFinland is a unique service on a global scale. Although other countries do provide information for immigrants, the range of languages offered by InfoFinland is truly exceptional. The InfoFinland languages are spoken all over the globe from Silicon Valley to Beijing.

InfoFinland also has a sister site,, for finding Finnish language courses in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

The extensive multilingual information provided by InfoFinland can also be utilised in other services. In December, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will publish a Welcome to Finland guide with contents sourced from InfoFinland. The guide will be distributed by Local Registry Offices, the Finnish Immigration Service and Finnish embassies abroad.

The InfoFinland website has been built in cooperation with public authorities and municipalities since 2003. The website is published by the City of Helsinki. The service was previously known by the name Infopankki. The new name describes more clearly the purpose of the service: to provide information about Finland.

You can find the InfoFinland website at the address Information about City of Espoo you can find at the address

The languages of the service are Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, French, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Persian and Arabic.