Free-time activities

In Espoo you can participate in sports, recreation and culture, learn new skills or be a volunteer. In Espoo and the Metropolitan Area there are many faith communities and churches that you can join. InfoFinlandprovides more information in several languages

Adult Education Center

The Adult Education Center provides general adult education (for those aged 16 and older). At the Center you can take courses in Finnish, Swedish, social studies, IT (information technology), handicrafts, art and physical exercise. We also arrange courses in English for various subjects.

Community centers

Community centers Kivenkolo in Espoonlahti and Kylämaja in Matinkylä offer a wide range of activities. 

The city's youth centres are open to all 9-17 -year-olds.

Järjestökatu ("The Street of Associations") in Espoon keskus is home to several associations: Espoon ympäristöyhdistys (Espoo Environmentalists' Association, website in Finnish), Espoon Mielenterveysyhdistys EMY (Espoo Mental Health Association) and Hyvä Arki ry (Good Daily Life Association). See on the map where Järjestökatu is located.

Raitin pysäkki (website in Finnish) is a homelike meeting place for everyone in Leppävaara. See on the map where Raitin pysäkki is located.

Trapesa is an international meeting place maintained by Filoksenia ry in Kirkkojärvi in Espoon keskus. Trapesa has an open livingroom for everyone Monday to Friday from 9 to 15 and an advisory service for immigrants Monday to Thursday from 10 to 15. No appointment is needed for the advisory service, where help is provided in matters including housing and job applications and official matters. If needed, interpretation is available in Arabic, Kurdish, Somali and Amharic. See on the map where Trapesa is located.


You can borrow books, magazines, music and films from the library. The library also has computers for customer use. In the library you can read, study, relax and participate in a many kinds of events. Our activities, with a few exceptions, are free-of-charge. The metropolitan area libraries have books in 70 languages and magazines and newspapers in 26 languages. The Helmet service lets you see all that is available.

The library staff is more than happy to help you! Come and ask us about how we can be of service. For more information about  libraries in several languages, please see InfoFinland

Churches and faith communities

There are many faith communities and churches in Finland and in Espoo. For more information about faiths in Finland and where you can find a certain church or faith community, please see InfoFinland.

The Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa Evangelical Lutheran Church provides information about the Church's activities in different languages.


See Culture for information about, for example, the theater, museums, art exhibitions and various events. This site also provides information about art instruction and art training institutes, other opportunities for participating in culture and about grants and facilities related to cultural activities.   

Multicultural Group Activity

The aim is to encourage participants of group activities to communality, support interaction between people who come from different cultures, as well as support immigrants to learn Finnish language.

Youth centers

Young immigrants can find leisure time activities and also get to meet other young people at the Youth Centers


In Espoo there are many active organizations where you can pursue your interests and make new acquaintances. 

Sports and exercise

See Sports and Exercise for some of the many opportunities you can find for sports and exercise in Espoo both indoors and outdoors. For more information in several languages about free time and sports and exercise in Espoo, please see InfoFinland.